• 48 per week
  • i work 8 a day and about 7 hours r mentally challenging but its all sit down at my desk work
  • I am currently available to industry :) My entire department was cut about 3 months back. My severance was great enough that I won't have to go back to work for a while so I'm focussing on my studies and I will start work again in a few months.
  • Five hours as a MD and full time mentally and physically challenged!
  • work 0 hours and 0 are challenging! Know you wanted to hear that...wrong, read that..loll..+5
  • 8-9 hours of work; 1-2 are challenging...
  • Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 3 hours martial arts instruction is a physical challenge 5 hours software development/programming is mental Tuesday, I seldom work at all, but may do an hour or two of programming. Thursday ... 12 hours volunteer for a food bank ... very physical loading and unloading by hand a large truck load of food (about 10 pallets) ... Saturday ... 5 hours of martial arts practice with students ... no new lessons, just repetition and refinement of the week's 3 lessons ... then 2 or more hours of programming ... Sunday ... another day I seldom work, but I often go to Mount Royal Park to exercise & demonstrate wooden cane weapon defense in public ... sometimes a few brief free sample martial arts lessons to passersby ... I may do an hour or two of programming ...
  • When I worked it was anywhere from 8-12 hours a day...would take work home on weekends at times. All mental. I am a retired Internal Auditor/Accountant. The physical part came after the mental part ran its course...I was exhausted! :)
  • I work at least 12 hours a day in my relationship with my S/O. Communicating, trying to understand he and his family better. Loving them all, getting to know them and they me, in a greater way. It is emotionally challenging and confusing sometimes due to lack of information I'm seeking. Every single min is a joy to my soul. At times I just need to know that everything is ok. The most important thing I want to convey to he and his family is my heart and the intent of my heart as I am learning all of theirs. With that there will be no missunderstandings between us due to my inability at times to communicate in an effective way.
  • I work 9 hours and am only mentally challenged for one hour and physically for two hours. But then I work in IT so I get paid for having a laugh with the boys and gals in accounting unless someone in the building has a computer breakdown. Two hours in the gym are exercise and I get 50K for it all. Best job in the world
  • My core hours are 36 3/4 per week, but to do my job I need to do 40 hours or sometimes more. It's mentally challenging and stressful. I do the hours it takes to acheive my goals + meet my employers expectations.
  • When on a project, 10 hours per day. Mind is always working, physical activity limited to walking or climbing in and out of buildings.
  • Usually 10 to 12 hrs, and 6 days during a project. Used to be very physically challenging but since I got into inspection, very mentally challenging, which works on you physically too.
  • I work ten hour days, it seems all of it is mentally challenging, maybe 20% physical.
  • 8 hours a day and my job is very challenging(mentally)

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