• I would have to dis agree. I will give you a couple easy examples. A woman goes to the police and states that she is afraid of her husband. With no proof what so ever, she gets a restraining order. The husband all of a sudden gets pulled from his own home by the police. Told to leave with nothing but work related tools. He can no longer go to where his children go to school. Because he can not come with in 500 feet of them or the school. He no longer has any right to his home and can not come with in 500 feet of it. Yet still has all the responsibility there of. This is done with out a shred of proof, just the womans word. second example... Mormonism, not a shred of evidence to support any of the 100,000's peoples that supposedly lived near Palmyra NY. Battles that were fought having 1000's die in a single day. Chariots pulled by horses and silk worn by woman. Metal swords drawn in battle. All of this, not a shred of evidence to support it. No coins, building, mas burial sights, old pottery, maps, still existing cities or regions, descendants, nothing. Yet this ridiculous religion thrives and grows all based on a feeling in there bosom. Well there are two for you.
  • What do you mean by claim? You can absolutely claim/state what you have witnessed even though you may have no hard and fast proof of it. :)
  • anyone can make a claim...but without a witness or witness's or any kind of proof,oral or written, I'd say you would be wasting TIME and MONEY....yours and others....:)
  • I agree you have to have the evidence to prove your claim.
  • You can make the claim, some people might even believe you, depending on how convincing you are (hey, politicians do it all the time). But will be more effective if you have the proof, and it will make you more credible.
  • Disagree... it is just unlikely that your claim will be given any weight unless you also have proof.
  • You can make any claim you can put in to words. Lack of proof will not stop you. The claim can even be irrational. And it can certainly be false. (For examples see Used Car Salesman and Politician). . If you want people to BELIEVE you however: Rationality helps; being true helps; so does proof. . But beware. Sometimes proving something people don't want to believe will get you killed.
  • Disagree. You can make as many claims without proof as you want. BUT, If you want some legal entities to take you seriously, it helps to have proof. Which brings to notion the concept of Probable Cause.
  • Disagree-Sometimes my intuition tells me things with no proof at, until sometimes later.
  • Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. ;)
  • You can claim anything you wish, but to be taken seriously on those claims the burden of proof is on you.
  • If you are claiming a neighbour has been slashing your tyres but have not witnessed it AND have proof you're going to get nowhere. If however you are talking about general things then it's entirely up to you, but without proof i wouldn't claim anything in any situation unless i had proof to back me up.
  • I would change your statement to, "You SHOULDN'T make a claim..." +5
  • Sometimes you might be so sure of something that cant be proved, budly sadly to be taken seriously proof is always needed

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