• Why do people choose people they feel it necessary to question? If you have to question his words, do you really trust him? Would it really work? If you trust him, take him at his word. If you don't, don't. It's that simple. Of course he has intentions, whatever they may be. His actions (as long as you interpret them right) will give you the answer.
  • Im in a similar situation, only he is never going to give me the benefit of that kind of honesty which there is something to be said for really... Mine comes on strong in word, but in deed, he sucks ass! I simply believe that he and I don't want the same things and men will do that. They want what they want and will tell you anything and lead you on with the hope that it WILL be something if you are patient, that it will never be. Im not into wasting time... I don't have it to give anymore, I'm too old for this shit. If he wants to "Figure himself out." WHile he is doing that, you make sure you tell him... But you date your happy little ass off!
  • same situation a few month ago.. he was getting over his ex-love.. and was just trapped in a box.. but, he sorted himself out, and we're happily in love.. x
  • i had a gf in college that we dated for over a year, everything seemed great, had even talked about getting engaged ... then she transferred to another school in the same town ... less than a month into the fall semester, she decided that she didn't know what she wanted ... she broke up with me on my birthday and was out dating a guy i knew from high school that went to her new college that i had introduced her to over the previous summer ... basically have never spoken to her since

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