• I have asked this since I was 5. At that time, I thought I just could not understand my parents' answers. I've asked my parents recently because they have gone through hardships I will never know. The only answer was that there is a purpose for me and them being here, and we try our best to figure it out and do it. I think my purpose is all jumbled up. +5
  • Eternal death is as hard to proove as eternal life. The facts we have is the body gets burried. Everyone seen it blah blah blah... It is said darkness is absence of light. It is said cold is absense of warmth. It is for certain we are vibrating in our bodies where do the vibrations go? What device has ever been made to track them as they leave the body at death or transferance stage?.......And what the Exactly is deja vu?
  • Why not? Life is a great experience....
  • Life is learning school and we are born was not our choice.
  • I don't care if we lived for 5 years, experiencing happiness and life altogther would be worth it.
  • Because, unless you are suicidal, once you are born the choice is out of your hands. You live, you die. And the point of life is all the stuff that happens between point A and point B.
  • death smiles on us all. All you can do is smile back.
  • so you can take good memories and good pictures with you, all we can do is hope to make more of our life and hopefully your life you enjoyed it at ur full potential and you made most of it, so you can take good pictures with you "Meet Joe Black "
  • Life isn't much, but there's nothing else to do...:-D.. . . .
  • its what we leave behind that matters most... why live? why not?
  • To take as many people to the grave with you. LOL I'm just kidding to entertain then eat other people of course! >:P
  • You must live to save us. And you must die to save us. It's a cycle that will save the world.
  • there is something about pleasure that is addicting. death is really just more life in a different mode. our spirit transcends. our body decays to dust.
  • Because you might as well.
  • Well I suppose if you think like that then you are already dead...or not experiencing life as intended to be...or "not being alive" ....It should be... "Why worry about death when you feel ALIVE" ...its all about perspective on your life and what you REALLY see and what is REALLY REAL. Is like looking at a white peice of paper with 1 small black dot on it...what do you see when you first look at the paper and asked what is on it...youll reply "the black dot" but instead the answer should be...THE WHITE SHEET, with a small black dot... but instead the focus is on the bad. So the answer - Focus on what is good... ...and if you have a problem, find a solution.
  • You're going to cry some day, why smile then?? You're going to fall some day, why walk? You're going to be hungry some day, why bother to eat?? You're going to be sad some day, why bother being happy?? You have to savor every moment of your life ... all any of us really have is today anyway!!
  • Well...if that's your real attitude, I'd say a better question would be "Why have children if all they are going to do is die." People don't have any choice about being born into this world. And none of us have any choice about dying as we leave it. But we DO have a choice in how we live our lives on the way to our final days. You can live the best you can and enjoy life...or you can be miserable until the day you die. Personally, I'd rather be happy about life at least PART of the time while I'm here! That's really about all any of us can say about it.
  • for the thrill of the experience and to impact the lives of others. we change everyone in someway or another with every minute we are with them.
  • To pass time till death arrives.
  • Why not?
  • to.... uh... enjoy life while we have it???
  • read Albert Camus: The Myth of Sisyphus
  • For the sheer joy of it.
  • Same reason you watch a movie: To see how it ends.
  • In the beginning we are born and in the end we die, but it's everything that we do in between that counts in life. :)
  • why die if all you're going to do is live?
  • Why eat when all your going to do is doo doo.

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