• It's pretty cheap (bus only) but the buses are a real pain to use if you're going almost anywhere but downtown; You'll need to transfer and it's a long ride.
  • public transport in my area, is too cheap, in my opinion. It's going to be going up ALOT, and too many people will be upset at the increases, despite that changes are necessary because it was underpriced from the start.
  • I wouldn't know since I don't use public transportation.
  • yes transport is overpriced in my country ,but i use my own car which i finds much cheaper.
  • Taxis are, it would cost me about 20 quid just to go about 3 miles....i'd rather walk.
  • We have no public transport
  • I'm VERY happy with the Seniors rate on the MBTA. It's $0.60 for the subway and unlimited transfers within the system. Bus is $0.40. So for a buck, I can go just about anywhere in the greater metro area of Boston.
  • Bus is $0.50 for a trip.I can just go about anywhere in the metro area of my city.It it's not reasonable bot not overpriced also I expect it to be$0.40 for a trip.+5
  • Totally, such a small town, 65 000 inhabitants, 2 € for a trip with longest line of 3 km, and they charge you even if you drive only one station?!?!
  • No, public transport is not overpriced in my city/country. Government has to give the nod before raising the prices.
  • Yes, It's ridiculously overpriced in my country. A return buses, taxi's and trains are very overpriced. With all the deals on the internet, it is cheaper to fly than to get the train here!
  • I do not know which part of the world you live,i hope that you are not in other planet .
  • At a buck a ride I think it's a steal.
  • In the UK longer bus journeys are OK. Taxis are expensive. The railways are outrageously over priced.
  • I live in the country, only public transportation is a School Bus. Im a little to old to ride it but I do drive it as a substitute.
  • A bus ride seems far to expensive, but I can travel twice the distance by train for less. Unfortunatly it's a bus ride (or if i've time) a long walk to the train.
  • No, it is very reasonable, but not anywhere near as developed as it should be in my area.
  • Some of these prices make me want to Only $0.60? Where I currently live there is no public transit as I'm in the country... but I recently moved back from a city that is constantly raising the price. It's currently $2.75 a trip. If you take it as least twice a day for the work week (so back and forth from work) you end up paying $110/month for the "discounted" monthly pass.
  • there is none.not even a taxi service.
  • Thats on of the thing which is only cheap i this country !!!
  • The price of transport in the UK in most areas is very expensive..trains are highly overpiced..and the goverment moan that too many drivers are using their cars to work!! .. Edited and answered as my comment originally appeared here..
  • Yes I do believe so, I use a car, but where is the incentive to ditch the car and use tram,train or bus? I'd rather pay a little extra and have the convenience of leaving when I like. Whilst I can afford to do so that is - you can't ever take anything for granted these days things can change - so quickly.
  • It's not. The trolley is 50 cents and dial a ride (bus) is .75 each way.

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