• Villains are nearly always cooler.
  • would rather be the hero, because i am basically a good person anyway but mostly because the hero always winds up with the pretty girl.
  • villain i just got that in me really good and its what makes movies so good
  • I would like to be villain in the movies to i can love the person i love instead of hero.
  • Villain. You get to do that cool laugh, almost take over the galaxy (or the ranch depending on your genre, but I like to think big). You get the girl at least for a little while and you get to marry her in front of your minions - another bennie, heroes just get plucky sidekicks and they're generally not very helpful. . Best of all you get to die! The hero just gets to ride off into the sunset - he doesn't get any sex either. Trust me, implied sex is no better than almost-married-but-thwarted-in-the-nick-of-time non sex. . Plus I get to stay dead and the hero has to come back no matter how ill-conceived the sequel. . 'The last laugh is mine, Captain Hero, for without me you are nothing! Apocolypticon II TOTALLY SUCKED BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!'
  • The hero as it would be a better fit with my personality.
  • Hero, I don't have it in me to be nasty and I always help the 'underdog' anyway! +5 Ailsa Peace, Jonathan
  • I'd be the villan's infantile servant. It suits me.
  • the villians get all the best lines and would be so much more fun to play so i'd play a villian.
  • +5 in a movie i would like to be a villain to see what it feels like. variety again :P
  • I'd rather be the hero, simply because then I would be rich, talented, young and good looking, plus I get to do the sequel, and the villain has to go back to his agent looking for more work.
  • Definately the Hero. The Hero that gets the job done, not the Hero that gets the girl or money or anything. That doesn't happen to most Heros, they just get the job done.
  • Hero. Because the odds of a villain winning in a movie are around a billion to one. Secondly, I live.
  • The good guy. For some reason I've always had a spark in me that is drawn to good. Believe me, my friends or coworkers laugh when I try to act "bad".
  • Villains are so much fun and everyone loves to hate them, so being one would be fun. But everyone likes heroes better. Maybe I could be an ex-villain (now a hero) who eventually reverts to the dark side.
  • if the villan is done right and is a badass , id rather be the villan. seems like more fun. welcome back by the way
  • Villian, they get to have all of the fun.
  • depends on what characters. but i guess villain :)
  • Depends on which one lives and, most importantly, who has the cooler outfit.
  • the villians always have the better role
  • The hero. Always the hero. I wouldn't have to act ;)
  • The villain is usually much more fun to play. Many times the hero is very bland. It is actually harder to play the bland hero then the colorful villain from an acting point of view. A villain has a rich tapestry from which to paint and develop a character from. The hero is much harder to flesh out and make a real living being. Much more work involved.
  • Vaillains are always smarter than the hero.
  • The villian would be good. the one that get killed close to the end. At least you have work in the business. You could always get type cast as a great get steady work.
  • Id be the villain. It pays so much better. Just look at the James Bond movies, Between movies the villain always manage to build himself an entire secret base staffed by hundreds of well paid henchmen (imagine the cost). All mr Bond gets is an new pen capable of shooting laser beams or some other silly stunt. And when James arrived at my privately owned island I would not imprison him or tie him to a chainsaw or anything like that. I would just shoot him, right then, right there. Problem solved. Then I would proceed to conquer the world. regards JakobA
  • I'd just like to star in a movie :-) Hero who gets the beautiful lady.

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