• I was never taught that,but I had to pick up on some things as I got older. +5
  • I say that's unlikely today.
  • that was when people had 'family values'.....
  • We were taught: Outsiders not after 9pm Family not after 10pm.
  • Times have changed, say I.
  • I hate phone calls period. That said I have standing orders that I will not take phone calls after 11pm unless it's an emergency - and woe be upon the fool who thinks otherwise.
  • If you didn't call after seven, you would be perpetually catching people at supper. I was told not after nine. That gives you two hours after supper to call people before the early birds start going to bed.
  • I was always taught not to call after 9:00. However, I also couldn't call before 6:30 if I was pushing it, and 7:00 if I was patient. We had to wait that late in order to avoid interrupting people's dinners. I now will call some of my friends up to 11:00, because I know they will be up that late; but when I don't know someone's sleep schedule, I still stick to calls before 9:00. I have gotten to where I really dislike calling people in the evenings, because all families have different dinner times. I've known people that have eaten dinner anytime between 4:30 and 10:00. Since I hate the thought of interrupting their dinner with a phone call, I try to avoid evening calls if at all possible.
  • My mom taught me not to call after 8pm and ofcourse not at 5.30 pm because most people are having dinner then. She also taught me always to ask if my call was at a convenient time for the other. But it's different for cellphones, people can just ignore you when you call and friends are different too ofcourse when you know they always go to bed at 1.30 am.
  • What you were taught pales in significance to what the intended recipient of said calls prefers... I have no problem taking calls after 8pm.
  • Growing up we were taught not to use the phone without permission from an elder person. We could be tying up the line when somebody else had a real need to use it. (Back in the days of party lines!) How's that for something dead and gone?
  • Well, I was taught growing up no calls after 9:00pm. Now it depends on the person, its different for evrybody. Family its by 8:30pm and friends I usually don't call after 10:30pm. I expect the same except in an emergency. I start school on the 9th and have to get up at 4:00am 3 days a week, so the time I get calls will change!
  • Millenium you can be my family member any time; outstanding policy! ;)
  • was it because your folks watched soaps? as they start at 7! i consider it very rude to call anybody after 8pm unless otherwised arranged or an emergency.
  • 7:00 seems pretty early. We were taught not to after 9:00.
  • Well yes it can be rude in a way. But I guess I just avoid house lines because you don't know what the rest of the household is doing. So I call cell phones especially if I know the people are going to be awake at the same hours as me. Like I wouldn't call my grandparents at 9pm, but my brother I would. So...
  • I wasn't taught any particular time. Some people I don't call late and some I'll call very late, like 1am (even if I know they're sleeping). But that depends on the urgency.
  • I was never told anything of the sort. Anyway now most people dont even have landlines anymore so i just call the mobiles. It really depends on the person what time i call but usually i dont even call, just text. Sometimes i wouldn't text one person after 9, others i would text in the middle of the night and know they would text back.
  • I was brought up to not disturb people if there wasnt good reason.
  • I don't like calling after eight or 8:30, and even though I could call some people at nine, maybe later, I never do.
  • If you know a person does not go to bed until late maybe 9/10 0 clock If they are early to bed, not after 8,pm.
  • It just depends on who you are calling. I never let my kids call people after 9. I always told them the phone was mine after 9. I was amazed that kids would call my house sometimes after 10. I would tell them it was too late to ring my phone and they could talk to my child the next day. My friends and I call each other up til around midnight but we are all night owls.
  • in my home 9 pm was the cut off time. now that i am an adult i know everyone's shifts and sleeping patterns there are only personal limits but not across the board. +5
  • My rule is not past 9 PM ... UNLESS it is an EMERGENCY ... +5
  • After 9pm was the rule in my house and never on Shabbat.
  • After 9pm.
  • 6:00 PM for me, unless there was a prior agreement for a call 6 or later. (6:00 was considered "dinner time", and so of course it was not polite to call at that time or later). My family also would not answer the phone if a call came in during dinner.

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