• Sorry to hear that, he needs to meet some chick and move forward. As for you, lets party!
  • I believe it, but sad it has to happen that way :(
  • i do ! my brother lived in my7 home until last year he just tuned 29 and makes 3 times what every1 in my house hold makes . did not chip in for rent, food or nothing jus left mess for us to pick up. now hes living the life in some fancy place . HOW RUDE! ridiculous
  • that sucks.
  • Too bad more people don't realize that they have to do things like this sooner.
  • You're not the first parent to have to do this, if that's of any comfort. I bet it was long maybe you can enjoy your home free of whatever problems he was creating!
  • Wish my mother-in-law would do that for her worthless, good for nothing, waste of space bum of a 40 year old parasite son she has living there.
  • Sorry to hear that, you should have just put a lock on your refrigerator!
  • I guess I can believe that if you say so yo? But why do you HAVE to evict him? Who or what is making you?
  • Sorry Ec, but sometimes tough love is what you need
  • I don't know how you can bring yourself to do that. I have a 27 year old son who is constantly late on the payments for the house we bought for him, and he often asks us to pay the utilities. He drives my car for free, and often asks for help paying for the gasoline. He has borrowed thousands of dollars from us. We put in $5,000 worth of landscaping, and he let it all die, plus he allowed his son to use a marker on the walls, and he "accidentally" punched a hole in the bedroom door while moving furniture. I can't see how he would learn anything or be better off if we threw him and his wife and children out in the street, along with her disabled mother and elderly grandmother who also live with them.
  • Sadly I can't say that I am surprised. Its the entitlement attitude, everybody owes them everything because "the man's keeping me down". The only 'man' keeping them down is the one in the mirror. While you're at it may as well remove him from the will unless you want him to simply disipate anything you leave him. Give him the boot and maybe the discomfort will be sufficient to make him remove his head from his butt. Or not, sink or swim.
  • Wow, Ec! That's got to be tough. But sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do. It's actually for his own good, kids can't rely on their parents forever, after all. What will he do when you are not here any more if he can't manage on his own? By the way, rumor has it there will be a party...will I get an invite? *wink*
  • What is he gonna do for money? Is he gonna go downtown and sell his booty to rich old men? Maybe he will end up jumping off the N-B Bridge. I hope he finds a Sugar Mamma soon.
  • Sorry to hear it, Ec. Even though it's the right thing to do it's a HARD thing to do. And you'll be hearing it from both him and Mrs. Ec until he finally does turn things around. Good luck, you.
  • My 18 year old son brought a knife to school, so he was suspended. We made him get a job right away. Shortly after, I discovered he was letting girls in to party with him when we weren't home, and we discovered he was doing drugs as well. I kicked him out because we had 3 other children who were watching closely to see what would happen to their brother. If I had let him stay, I've had sent them the message that it was OK to do likewise. It was wrenching to watch him self destruct like that, and he lived homeless for a while. But now, years later, and many nights that I spent deep in prayer, he's working, and even picking up a college class from time to time. Will be praying for you Blessings
  • Ec,i have no idea what you must feel.sounds like you have exhausted all other options.maybe he will be a better person on the other side of this.God Bless.
  • Yo Ec, that's a bloody shame! But still, with all due respect to YOU, if you've carried his bum ass to that ripe ol' age, and he STILL can't make a positive contribution..well he needs his bum ass thrown to the curb to learn a valuable life lesson or two, to say the least.
  • that sucks.
  • Well at least you did it early....remember Step Brothers with Will Farrell? lol, my bro is on the verge of being a 27 yrold bum/son of my mom too! She doesnt give a shit though!!! Im proud of you!!
  • no I can't.... someone who ends a centance with "yo" has a 27 year old son? awe, a -5... either someone is in a bad mood or did not get my humor
  • I have heard of having to legally evict someone you are allowing to stay in your home as a guest. I have heard that by law in some instances they must be given a 30 day notice to leave. They can't always simply be thrown out.
  • Sorry to hear that. I would hate to need to take such action, but sometimes it needs to be done. My father threatened to evict me when I was 17, unless I found a job and paid him rent. How many 17 year olds can do that now? I'm getting angry at my daughter for being lazy and not looking for work or registering for college this semester. How do you get kids motivated now?
  • ...that really sux. Good thing though, at 27 he needed to get out and about.
  • (Reading your questions and comments) Did you make a bet that you would say "yo" at the end of every question/answer/comment until someone called you on it? If so, I do.
  • i dont blame you if you need to do it

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