• How do you scratch your balls? That should take care of it.
  • bring up the subject of pms...
  • Why not the direct approach, removing all guessing games and just say what's your gender?
  • Do you like boxers, or briefs? If it becomes an issue, will you try Viagra, or just give it up? Have you ever gotten caught in your zipper? Have you ever cut your Adams apple while shaving? What is your least favorite time of the month?
  • Do you pee in the mens room or the ladies room?
  • pending that you can rely on an honest answer, the ONLY question that would accomplish that is "do you have a penis?" Although there are qestions that MOST women would answer one way, while MOST men would answer another way, none of these apply 100%. Example- there are women who will say it is ok for her husband to cheat (not many, but they exist)there are also men who would say its not ok for a husband to cheat (they also exist) Same theory will apply to just about any queston you can think up.
  • You don't have to ask anything. Just look at their questions. They reveal everything. What male is going to ask, "What lipstick color goes with this dress?" or such questions. Ladies do.
  • How about the obvious one.....are you male or female?
  • I'd have to go with Chief Wanbli and say "just ask" the person. . Are your sexual parts are that of a woman or man? Would YOU rather be called (a mans name) OR (a womans name)? (like Tom or Sarah) Do you prefer to shop in the Men's section or the Woman's section of a clothing store? . +5

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