• I would hardly think anyone on this site could make a diagnosis on such information. Neither could a fully qualified doctor. If you are worried seek expert medical advice.
  • I've consulted the Oracle, & she says no!
  • Ahhh, yeah, it could be the start of a toothache, such as an infected root canal. My left temple felt like someone was constantly showing a finger against it for weeks before I felt any pain in my jaw. But advil will stop anything.
  • You should consult with a doctor and have either an MRI or a CT Scan done but it could very well be either cluster or migraine headaches
  • I had shooting pains in my left temple many years ago. As it turned out it was frontal sinuses were stopped up and could not drain. The fontal sinus lies next to the brain inside the skull. The doctor told me if it had not been diagnosed when it was it was close to erupting. Should it have erupted it would have killed my very rapidly as it would have shot mucus directly into the brain. I am not saying this is what you have but it is one idea you need to get checked out.
  • 1-28-2017 I have built a device that measures monitor resistance. Put your head against your monitor for a few minutes and We will see what we see.

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