• I've been asked a few times to explain onomatopoeia, and knowing the contents and context of your constitution is probably a good thing. However, I do see what you are getting at. A lot of the things I learned in school will not have any practical application in my life. However, I think the purpose of learning these things is not so much knowing obscure facts as it is developing learning skills and an analytical thought process.
  • Many things learned whilst at school seem inappropriate, but it is a base upon which to build not an end in itself. No one can say, at the beginning of your schooling where you will end up or what career you may choose to follow. The system tries, not always successfully admittedly, to take this into account. I have never had to recite the Preamble of the US Constitution, but I am not a US citizen. That does not mean that I would not be able to identify it if I heard it. The foundation of education has to be broad to be able to support the supplemental learning throughout your life. Make no mistake in this, education is a key to many doors, ignorance is the doorman who bars entry. All the choices we make throughout life are based on education or learning of some description. I would rather make my choices based on a thorough understanding rather than one opinion I had heard or read. You have a great opportunity and have chances that many do not and can only wish for. Do not squander that chance.
  • What we leaned in school was never a waste of time. Same with all that we have read all through our life. So are all that we learned from life experiences. We may have forgotten most of the details of what we learned from our study and experience. But what is left as the reminder is what makes us civilized cultured human beings.
  • thing i found a waste of my time turnd out to be things i really should have known, and nope never had been asked to recite anything let a lone the us constitution, maybe i shouldnt have dropd out cause now im feeln kinda dumn now days.
  • 8-18-2017 Yes, in fact any time the nature of a cop's job comes up for discussion, I quote the preamble to the constitution. All government jobs are defined by the constitution, which says the government was created to preserve the blessing of liberty. By that definition, every cop in the nation is a god damned traitor.
    • Jewels Vern
      BTW I did not learn that in any public school.
  • I've never learned the four F's of Norway. But the other things have come up in conversation actually. And learning things in school is not just about the facts you learn it's about having the discipline and developing the memory to get you through life.

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