• I think heaven and hell exist and Abraham's Busum did once but no other demensions
  • A drop of acid perhaps.
  • Yes, I do believe there are other dimensions. I would also like to know how to reach them, reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Homer falls through the black hole.
  • I totally believe they exist! Although I am clueless on how you would get to one, the Bermuda Triangle perhaps?
  • yes, we can't get there beause we can't comprehend them. some scientists believe light and gravity are different dimensions because we can see their effects but we can't phisically see gravity or light. we can see the things that gravity pulls but we can't actually see it, we can see the things light illuminates but we can't actually see light it self.
  • Yes. I believe they coexist side by side this dimension. As for getting there, that is going to take a bit of science and engineering.
  • Yes there are three dimensions if you will. The universe we are in, Heaven, and Hell. We get to one of the other two dimensions by dying. What did you think Heaven was in the sky and hell was underground. Thats just something we tell kids.
  • The question is not so much how to get there, but how to perceive them. Imagine a 2D world called flat land. These flat people basically live on an infinitely thin sheet of paper and move around only on the X and Y axis. The paper can travel up and down on the Z axis, but the people of flat land would never perceive this travel. Someone may ask how to travel in the third dimension without realizing they've been doing it all along. Our travels through higher dimensions are much the same. What is fourth dimensional reality and how do we experience it. In our 3D world, we can move anywhere in the X, Y, and Z axis and the variable seemingly out of our control is time. Moving to the 4D world, we find that all time is Now. Notice that in every moment it is Now. Right Now, right Now, right Now, right Now... it is always Now. We are always sitting in the Now moment, yet there is the appearance of traveling through some sort of thing called "time," which is really just an illusion. There are various spiritual practices, meditation, and being fully present in this moment, just to name a few, whereby if you continue practicing them, the illusion of separation and the illusion of time will literally begin to fall away and you'll come to experience, directly for yourself, first hand, that you are an infinite being, existing throughout all time and space eternally. We Are All One. We are all the same One, expressing itself as the All. The One is the All and the All are the One. Moving into the fourth dimension is not so much a movement along another direction through time and space, but the collapse of time and space, the seeing through the illusion of separation, and the realization that it is all One and you are the Infinite.
  • Yes, and there are but two of them. There is heaven and hell. This life is but an audition for the next. Morality is not the issue. Spirituality is not either. The solar system needs the sun. As do we.
  • I think that other dimensions do exist, but our base level of science is far too infantile to unlock those mysteries currently. However in another 2000 years or so, and I'd bet you we're going to be able to bend the barrier enough to pass through.
  • Quantum physics has found at least 11 dimensions but the idea of 'getting there' is inaccurate. We already live in a multi dimensional universe.

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