• It's for money. I love my parents each and every day, so every day is Mother and Father's day in my house.
  • Only if you allow it to become so. They should serve as a reminder to you and as a reminder to all of us as a society of - Respect.
  • I maintain that every day should be mother's day and father's day. Love cannot be specified and shown souly on one day. You love them all the time, and should show them all the time. Even though I feel it is mainly commercial, I do buy presents and cards anyway.
  • In my opinion, they are commercial holidays. You should always show appreciation for your parents, not just limit it to one day. If you feel like giving a parent a gift, that parent will appreciate it even more if its on a spontaneous day, rather than a day when the son/daughter feels obligated to give the gift. That being said, as a parent myself, I do appreciate being acknowledged on mother's day. But I feel its more to make the children feel good about doing something nice for me on that day, rather than it being all about me.
  • big commercial money making holidays
  • probably both

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