• Go to school and get a job. +5
  • I manage just fine now that I live in a city. I meet new people all the time. Some of them are interesting and others make me wish homicide were legal, a select few are both, and many of the latter group wind up on the 358 with me. Seriously though, I don't have much of a problem making friends, though work was always one of the places I was *least* likely to meet anybody I wanted to talk to. As for school, it's been over 15 years since I set foot in a classroom.
  • well all you have to do is go out side and start talking to the first person you see...(unless the implied person has rabies... then run!) do you have any neighbors. if they arent your friends already go meet them
  • Volunteer.
  • Go to school Get a job Go to church Go to the park Go to the library Volunteer
  • I agree with most of the other people....join a group, go to church or volunteer. Think about what you love to do and find people there!
  • If you are going to sit on your bum, I don't want to meet you that's for sure.
  • That attitude is no way to achieve anything!
  • Well I know I run into people everyday everywhere. 1 small thing people forget about when they do things is small talk. Often small talk with nice people is good, you get to know em gradually...and can eventually ask them if they wanna do something.
  • The unemployment line ?
  • You could always hang out at the mall. But the friends you make that way are not the best. If there are charitable organisations in your area that would be a good place to go and help out as a volunteer, you meet good people, and you build up yourself at the same time by helping others. + whatever the work is you learn from it. regards JakobA
  • Army. Navy. Airforce. Marines. N'joy. :)
  • No school and no job but meeting people is your problem...okay!
  • With those two problems, I wouldn't even be worrried about meeting people. I'd be worrying about "how am I going to eat?" Take care of priorities first and then you can think about other people.
  • Do social work and join any group to meet new people.
  • No school , no job but you are still living in an amazing human world. Just get youself outside and say hi to those who you wanna make friends with. Nice guys are always with you. All you may do is to make the first step. GOOD 777 LUCK !
  • You can meet people on here. +4
  • If there are particular jobs or careers that interest you, pay a visit to people who work in those jobs. Wear your best clothes, those most similar to what they are wearing to work, prepare a list of questions you would like to find answers for ( such as, "What sort of training or education did you have to have to get to where you are now? ), and then go request a few minutes of their time. Most people love to talk about themselves, their jobs, and how they became who and what they are. If you're tactful and persistent, you'll find some who will happily talk with you. This approach accomplishes several things, not the least of which is giving you insight into careers in which you have an interest, and getting your name before those who can help you. MAKE SURE YOU EMPHASIZE THAT YOU ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB, JUST INFORMATION!
  • Go into town with your friends and start a social life that way.
  • So when I'm in Tampa can I take you to dinner?
  • travel
  • Develop Alzheimer's. You're guaranteed to meet new people everyday. LOL :0
  • Go to the bar. It sounds like you need a drink anyway. :D
  • Try church, temple, or mosque.
  • well, i just wanna say that if i still have a chance to work or study, meeting people would not be my first concern. I would find a way to go to school or get a that way i am fixing my life, and the second wonderful thing is everything would just follow, like meeting people, making money, self confidence, being responsible and etc...
  • Go walk out and just take a long stroll along the sidewalks. If u see anyone interesting say hi. If your not very sociable, then i can give u quite a list of sites to go on to just meet people (not flirt sites <_<) like: Myspace, facebook, friendster, xat, chatango, etc. If you already have transportation then go and drive over to the beach. If u dont have transportation, maybe walking to the beach wouldnt be so bad (a 3 hour walk trip isnt too much of a biggie).

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