• Yes, Sepsis. You got any bad teeth?
  • I experienced similar symptoms, but in my case, it WAS the flu. I tested positive to regular flu, and swine flu. I don't know what else could cause such symptoms. If you go to the doctor, they can probably conduct some tests and give you a more reliable idea of what is wrong. I think you should get up and go to the doctor, even though the idea is probably very unappealing at the moment. I hope you get well soon.
  • Hey sweetie! I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. It could be a million things. What other symptoms are you having?
  • oh Sunshine - you must get advice from a doctor on this one - you need a qualified opinion!
  • Hey Sunshine ive been wondering where you are,im so sorry that you dont feel well,Do you have someone to look after you? I hope you get better soon,and im sorry ive got no idea what could be wrong {{hug}} for you!
  • I'm sorry you feel so awful, I wish I could make you feel better somehow....I hope you'll go to the hospital if you don't feel better soon, it could be something you may need medical attention for. Hope you feel better. ;+
  • Yep, I sure have. It was called "kidney stones". I don't recommend it. And neither do any of the nurses I've known who have had them...FAR worse than child birth, according to them. As for your problems...I don't know enough about your symptoms. Could be flu, could be appendicitis, could be intestinal blockage, could be kidney stones, could be gall bladder...I simply can't tell. If it persists...get in to see a doctor!
  • hey hon so sorry to hear this. please call your dr. or seek medical attention. please.
  • It must the chest infectiour and stomach flu and cause all the problems .
  • Sunshine, If I were you, I'd go immediately to the hospital emergency room. It could be stomach ulcer. +5
  • Is it possible that you have food poisoning? Could it be a gall bladder attack? Or maybe appendicitis? Sometimes the appendix is hidden so has to be treated symptomatically. Have you had a urine test for a possible bladder infection? I am sorry that you are in so much pain. I suffer with chronic back problems and sometimes cannot get out of bed even with assistance. What does the doctor think it might be? Have they done a white cell count? If it is high then you definitely have some sort of infection somewhere in your little body. Get yourself to the emergency room and don't leave until they do something to make you feel better AND tell you what it is.
  • Yes, I am trying to get over a combination. I developed a twist in my intestine and that has caused a kidney infection. Not fun.
  • Sunshine I am just seeing this for the first time now which is the day after you posted. I am so sorry you are suffering like this. I can't tell anything from your description but I did see you mention fibromyalgia and looked for some information on it. I am an advocate of trying natural/alternatiave remedies when all else seems to fail. First let me mention that if you can get an Epsom salts and put them in a hot bath they will help the pain immediately. It won't last long but it will give some relief. Second I found an interesting article on a suppliment which you can buy at a drug store or health food store and will post it in Comments below because this is too long already.
  • Sunshine I haven't seen any updates. I hope you are o.k. Let us know how things are going with you when you have a moment will you please?

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