• Invest in one watch for the "P" letter.
  • Its entirely possible that you are pregnant. I conceived two children while on the pill.
  • There are pregnancy tests that are made for early detectection. Of course if you are having medical issues the best thing would be to go to the doctor. If you are pregnant they can help you and If you are not pregnant you could have something else going on that needs medical attention.
  • Obviously you are. Idk why people rated u down for that.
  • Use a pregnancy test, or see a doctor, or wait a little bit longer for your period, the see the first 2 options again! ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE SEX!
  • Take a home test, and if it shows negative, repeat it after a week. If it's still negative, you probably aren't pregnant. But, if you don't get your period soon, see your doctor.
  • No you're not pregnant. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a) you ovulate one to two weeks after your last period b) although it does happen, the chance of getting pregnant while on the pill, if you're taking the like you're supposed to, are very slim. Breast tenderness is a sign of pms, not only pregnancy. Even if you were pregnant, the food cravings don't start that early. You have to wait until three days before your expected period for the test to show.
  • An early detection test would probably tell you, and a doctor's visit surely would. No offense to you or your boyfriend, but pregnancy's not the only result of sex without a condom. You could catch a host of STD's and, like pregnancy, that can change your life. Always be careful.
  • If your period isn't due for 13 days, then there is no way in hell you are pregnant. The pill stops you from ovulating in the first place, but even if you'd taken the pill incorrectly and DID ovulate, it wouldn't have even happened yet! The pill itself can cause breast tenderness, since the hormones in the pill mimic the hormones your body makes when you're pregnant. Continue on with your pills for the remainder of the month. The chances of getting pregnant while on the pill and taking it exactly as directed are less than 1 in 10,000.
    • Linda Joy
      Wrong! It's 1 in 100!
  • I knew I was pregnant, Two weeks after I concieved, so Its entirly possable
  • Yes you could be pregnant. If you have missed a day on the pill or had to double up on them at some point it is entirely possible. I wouldn't worry too much if you haven't had other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, increase in vaginal discharge, the pill does NOT stop you from ovulating but it is suppose to prevent you from being able to implant a "viable" fetus. Trust me I've been there. Take an over the counter test and if it comes back negative wait until your period is at least 10 days late, try again... still negative and you still think you're pregnant, get a blood test, they are the most accurate.
  • usually after a week since my last period my breasts become extremely tender and sore and i always think im pregnut too.... but im not.. turns out that just happens and if you take the pill at or close to the same time everyday you should be just fine..... shit happens ... but your on the pill... your fine sweetheart just relax!
  • Yes and yes. Were you taking any antibiotics? They ruin the pill. Otho cyclen, tetracylcine, amoxycillin, they just take it right out.
  • Well lets just say I took my pill religiously...and my baby is due in 3 months now...i took it same time every morning after i brushed my teeth...but still here comes baby...and i wasn't taking any antibiotics either.
  • St. John's wart will make birth control ineffective and could cause miscarriages.
  • did you miss a pill, been ill with vomiting/diarohea, or been on antibiotics? the pill DOES stop you ovulating but if you miss one you could ovulate, or sickness or the use of antibiotics could stop the pill working properly also. if your period isn't due for 13 days a test won't come back as positive yet... wait until you are at least a week late. don't stress about it for now though, stress and anxiety can cause your period to be late, therefore it becomes a vicious circle! hope you get the result you want, good luck! x
  • It dose seem that there is a possibility of you being pregnant, dont stress out about this....just call your doctor and get a blood test and the results will give you a definate yes or no !!!GOOD LUCK SWEETY!!!
  • No, can't be. Babies are only brought to married people by storks.
  • Its unlikely your pregnant. Loads of girls get hunger pains when on the pill. My bf doesn't always pull out either. Its unlikely you get pregnant. Your breasts might be just growing. I'm on the pill and mine hurt.
  • You could be pregnant, or these things could be unrelated, or it could all be in your head. My recommendation: After a few days of being off the pill, you should take a pregnancy test. Dont bother going to planned parenthood and making a big ordeal out of it, just buy a pregnancy test from a store; theyre not that expensive (and its worth it, right?). Take things from there. If a pregnancy test is taken during the off week (period week) of the pill cycle: Positive results mean youre pregnant; you will NOT get a false positive. Negative results MAY be falsely negative (and you could really be pregnant) IF the test is taken too soon to the beginning of the off week while the pill is still in your system.
  • Yes you could be pregnant and no the test would not show up yet..i think the earliest test can detect 5 days before...btw..i was on the pill for 3 years when i got pregnant with my can happen
  • what if you donot take the pill at the same time everyday??? i'm on ortho tri cyclen lo and i use no protection with my fiance. he also religiously ejaculates inside me as well<<lol. I'm down to 3 more "inactive" pills and period hasn't come yet..
  • i dont think you are prego its problably the effects of the pill
  • it may be too soon for a store bought test to show but you can go to your doctor and have a blood test done which would be able to tell you - but on the other hand if you are already experiencing symptoms you may have gotten pregnant already and not known until now- and it is possible to get pregnant while on birth control AND you CAN still have your period while pregnant I know many women who it has happened to. Get an appointment with your doc and have them run tests
  • You're pregnant!
  • No birth control is 100%. If you missed even one pill you can get preggers and even if you didn't miss a pill. But, jeez it's only been two weeks, you may be ovulating. Our bodies change ALL THE TIME so don't trust how your body has been behaving in the past to how it's behaving now. By the way, get off the pill, they are more trouble than they are worth. Condoms baby!
  • im the same way right now. im on the pill but i miss a couple times a month but get caught back up on them. i am thinking im pregnant, ive been more tired then usual, and my boobs started hurting 2weeks before im to start, they usually dont hurt till about a week before i start, so that caught my attention. i took a pregnancy test but it came back negative. i have to wait till next week to see if i start. so to your question yes you could be pregnant, my mother in law got pregnant by using the pill and a condom. so wait till your period is soppose to start and wait till your 10 days late then take one. good luck.
  • Yes, you're pregnant. My guess is that you got pregnant on the 3rd time your boyfriend ejaculated inside of you on the 3rd day of the 3rd week of the 3rd month at 3 p.m. - Good news! You're having triplets
  • the pill causes several of the same effect as pregnancy. 13 days to your next period, i doubt if a pregnancy test would show, but you should make an appointment at planned parenthood or something to talk to them, and just as a reminder, just because you are on the pill does not mean you can have a guy ejaculate inside of you without repercussions, its only 90-99% accurate.... my sister got pregnant twice while on them, two different years.
  • wait untill you miss your next period and then take a test.
  • Don't wait! Go to the doctor immediately and get a blood test! If you're pregnant you need to get off those birth control pills immediately or your child could have deformities.

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