• It really depends on a wide range of things. Are you male or female? What time did you start? What time did you stop? Are you really skinny or really obese or just average? Were they normal or light beers? All these questions influence how your body absorbs and processes alcohol it ingests.
  • "The short answer to how long does alcohol stay in your system is one hour per one ounce of alcohol consumed. The liver processes one ounce of pure alcohol in sixty minutes, on average, and a standard drink contains 0.6 ounces of alcohol. Standard drinks include 12 oz. of beer..." .06x7= 4.2 so 4 hr. 12 min.? HOWEVER!!! "The following offers an estimated range of how long alcohol stays in your blood, urine and saliva: Saliva test: One to five days Blood test: 12 hours Urine test: Three to five days via Ethyl Gluconoride (EGT) metabolite Breathalyzer test: Up to 24 hours"

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