• lol I don't even remember it, but it probably was. :)
  • Too long ago to remember, but I don't recall it being anything special....just another day.
  • Indeedly. I didn't really ask for much but I got more than expected. It wasn't really a big deal to me anyway.
  • This has GOT to be a girl question... . On my 16th birthday the FBI came to my house to arrest me for having a 50 watt pirate radio station in my basement. . My father talked em out of it. . The summer of my 15th birthday the captain of the local police wanted to arrest me for flying UFO's and scaring the shit outta brooklyn. . Thank god my father is a patient man... I wuz troubles! . What was the question?
  • I don't remember, and that is probably a good thing.
  • I successfully got drunk in my parents basement with out them noticing, since that was what I was aiming for I guess it's everything I wanted it to be.
  • Nope,I remember it vividly and it was he**:(
  • that was 55 years ago you expect me to remember that? That was in 1954, I was in a private school in San Antonio, Texas. So there was nothing spectacular except as I recall on your Bday you got a broom broken across your ass by the other guys!
  • Yes, it was very special. My mom gave me a great big hug and brought me a present in bed like she's always done, the closest people in my life were around me, and there were lots of good things to eat, and lots of sharing. It was also the last birthday that I was able to spend with my cousin, who died in an accident that summer. It was the age when I abandoned bad habits that didn't work for me, and kind of grew into myself. It was a very good birthday, and a very good year.
  • i cant even remember it
  • No, my movie star crush never showed up.
  • Watching a wrecking ball go through 20" stone walls my old bedroom wasn't all that enjoyable. (we moved across the street)
  • Yes, it was a nice day. My parents gave me some gifts, including a Rolex "OP Lady Datejust" with steel and gold case and bracelet.

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