• Mine outside dog loves bones
  • Any other bone is fine, chicken bones and any flying animal are hollow and will splinter which can get lodged in their throats.
  • RAW BONES, especially with plenty of raw meat attached to them are SAFE and crunch right up. The only raw bones we want to avoid are the big heavy weight-baring bones of LARGE animals, like cow, deer, moose, elk, ostrich....because they are extremely DENSE and can crack teeth. We raw feeders call them WRECKER BONES! Although modern domestic dog has little in common with their wild brothers, the wolf, from a BEHAVIORAL STANCE...DIGESTIVELY... dogs are wolves. They are designed to eat raw meats, bones and organs. COOKED BONES ARE ALL DANGEROUS. Cooking or heat treatments (including the ones sold in pet stores) are made brittle by the heat/cooking and can splinter into very sharp shards that can cut up a dog's insides. A raw bone will crunch right up. However, you want there to be a good amount of MEAT ON THAT BONE. In addition to nutritional value in raw bones, they also help to firm up your dog's poop! Too much bone, as in a MEATLESS BONE CAN CAUSE CONSTIPATION and also for a dog not used to digesting bones, it can rub against the tissues upon exiting and cause a small amount of bleeding. This is not uncommon with first switching a dog to a Species Appropriate diet. Owner error. Too much bone, too fast, not enough meat and organs. This is why we usually start with a bone in chicken breast...the meat to bone percentages are just about perfect! Dog's stomach acid is 10 times stronger than ours is. Once you start feeding a raw diet the dog's body automatically begins producing more acid as it is gnawing the meat from the bones, and by the time the bones hit the stomach...the stomach is MORE THAN READY to digest the raw bones! Check it out! This is Patch, our nine yr old Parsons Jack Russel Terrier, who had some teeth pulled because of decay...BEFORE being switched to a Species Appropriate Diet. NOW, his teeth are sparkling white from gnawing raw meats. Hannah was eating this FREE (from a kind Freecycle hunter) Deer neck before Patch got his turn.

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