• first of all, it's called the "Statute of Limitations"..Also it depends on the state where you live regarding charges. However a no "trespass" notice is not cool.
  • If the shoplifting occurred on private property, the police will never file charges. this is private property and a private prosecutor will have to sign. If the police were never called, if a police report was never filed, and only a trespassing notice was given, you are only required to stay off the property where the shoplifting occurred. You will have no police arrest record from this incident.
  • The police can't "press charges" at all. They make arrests and file reports. In the case of shoplifting, the property owner would have to press charges.
  • Can the police detective be the complainant to press charges against someone when the person cashes a bad check at the bank? The police pressed charges, arrested, and signed the warrant as the complainant. The bank did not press any charges the bank fired the teller who cashed the check. But the police signed as a complainant against the person who cashed the check. How can that happen. The bank never contacted the person in writing asking to make the check good because the bank did not catch the error until 7 days later. And also the person who cashed the check made a report with the sheriff against the person who wrote him the bad check 2 weeks prior to the police arresting him. How can the police press charges if they do not work for the bank and the bank held the teller responsible?

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