• He shouldn't be talking to you like that. It's not fair on all 3 parties. You will be gutted when he gets married and he possibly knows that, which makes him a kind of jerk. Just start dating and take your mind off him.
  • Once you loved each other. there's no reason to lose that love. You should not try to "get over' him. You should remain friends, and make friends with his new wife too. Just make it clear to everyone that you're not there to take him back.
  • Stop talking to Him. What He's doing is manipulation.
  • This guy is an asshole....I'd be tempted to contact his bride to be, and ask HER to please tell him to stop calling me daily! If you are the once calling...STOP IT, MOVE ALONG, find someone worthy of your love and intelligence...this one is SOOO NOT IT!
  • Unfortunately, I agree, this guy is manipulating you. To what end, I'm not sure, perhaps just to stroke his ego or maybe to try to hold onto you for some sort of side action. Were I you, I would try to keep a cool distance from him, and tell him not to talk to you like that. If you want to be really nice about it, tell him that you understand that he means well and still wants to be friends, but that you need some time. If he does feel anything for you at all, he'll understand and leave you too it; if he balks at the notion of giving you time to yourself, then he's not thinking about your feelings at all, which reveals the self interest in his talking to you, at which point you should forcibly cut off communication.

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