• cause the majority only care about money
    • Bootsiebaby
      Because. "Cause" is not an abbreviation for "because".
  • it's you...
  • thats only some and the same goes for men
  • because they only care about status lol. nah, there are some fine women over there. look better
  • you just have not met the right person yet, belive me this is a question i could ask about all men, but then i know that not ever man is the same.
  • gentlemen do not find them so
  • Probably because you're an asshole. If people -- different people, unconnected with each other -- routinely give you the same negative treatment, it's time to analyse your own behaviour. I'm not denying there are cold-hearted, selfish, evil women. But there are also cold-hearted, selfish, evil men. There are also warm-hearted, generous and giving, good women; just as there are warm-hearted, generous and giving, good men. You must be aware of how ridiculous your generalization about women is. The fact that you even made it is what sways me in the direction of thinking the problem is squarely with YOU. On the other hand, personality traits do sometimes group together, and maybe you're generalizing because you're overwhelmed. If these women you're talking about all know each other, if they're part of the same crowd, the thing to do is write them off and find a new crowd. The question of why these women are the way they are is complicated ... my personal opinion of such people is that they were emotionally stunted as children and now are simply miserable people.
  • Well despite your original question and some of the posts that you made to responders, I'd have to agree that the problem is more likely you. I have been in a lot of relationships with men and let me promise you that I could say the same damn thing - men are cold hearted, selfish and evil. But I know it's not true. MY attitude dictates that there will be hope in the next guy/relationship. YOUR attitude dictates that every relationship you have a with a woman will fail... so my suggestion... start dating men...
  • hey? careful what you say about girls :p not all of us are like that,boys are mean to me,not many good memories since I had alot of troubl;e with boys at school alot each year,some years were good....but not all :'( I know some boys aren't bad,so careful what ya say about a girl :p it doesn't feel good knowing some1 doesn't like makes me feel bad :(
  • We're not.
  • We are not. Why are men trolls who post questions like this?
  • We are exactly the opposite. Male chauvinist pigs are cold-hearted, selfish and evil. Every last one of them.

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