• When you say "hangs every few seconds" do you mean that it freezes for a few seconds every five to ten minutes or so? Because that happened to my computer once. For me the problem was that the computer had been left on for too long (I think 6months without ever being turned off or even sleeping). So if you don't turn your computer off, you might want to do that. Otherwise you either have a virus or some other programs that's not working properly.
  • My guess is bad RAM. Mine did that when I blew a DIMM. The system I had a few years ago did the same thing when it blew a DIMM. My rommie's system did that when... you get the idea.
  • My system is totally a new system. It was working perfectly before installing some anti-viruses. I believe that I should format my system again and install all softwares. Then after that I would see what happens again to my PC. Please help if someone can think of some better solution.
  • I did everything lke AVG scanning, registry cleaning and all other things that I could have done to get rid of this error but no success. I have found that the only reason to this problem is corrupted windows in my pc. Then I formatted my system and installed the new fresh windows XP on my PC. After that day I did not get any error like this. I regularly scan my pc using antivirus. Thanks for the responses that I have received for this question.

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