• I don't know how sad you are but if you are you can cure it-I just put in a friend request.
  • You must find contentment in yourself. Friends come and go, but you're stuck with you.
  • No friends in real life, or just AB? In real life, some people are just loners and don't need a bunch of people around to be happy. If that's you, then don't worry about it.
  • Just as sad as I am? I do not know if it makes you feel sad that you do not have any friends. But I chose to have no friends. I do not like people. I am a loner I feel fine without company, besides I really cannot seem to keep friendships working, because I lose my interest very quick. You have to be very impressive to make me pay attention to you. Anyway, if you do want friends go make some new ones. It is hard though, if I would have to go look for new friends I would not know where to look either. Have faith in yourself and present yourself out there. People will be interested!
  • You have 21 friends and Possum would make 22 and if you accept me that will be 23 friends! YAY! You have many friends!! +5 Smile!!! . But one tip for you.....You percentage is at 89% and that means you downrate a lot. Many people on AB won't have a friend that has that low of a rating. They think you will DR them as well. . DRing DOES NOT actually take points from the person you DR'd. It only moves their question closer to the bottom. So it don't actually hurt the person you DR'd but it does hurt you in the long run. So just something for you to think about. (((HUGS)))
  • That's okay. It's best to be selective about friends anyway. Just gravitate towards people who you would be the most compatible with.
  • You're a liar, you have a dog with you in your avatar lol, everyone has at least one friend.
  • Honestly I don't have many people that I consider true friends. I have more people that I consider "friends" that I talk to on the phone here and there but not that I actually open up to about my true feelings. I am a very private person and I don't trust easily. I don't consider that sad, its just who I am. I don't know if you can relate to that, but we are who we are. From what I can see of you on here you are a very nice person. I hope I helped a little :)
  • I have no friends either. Don't feel bad. I tend to get too cynical to have them, and am incredibly picky about the company I keep.
  • ...I don't know, how sad are you... If you want to have friends you have to make the effort, they wont just lay themselves before you and say here I am....good friendship takes a little work....respect and sharing and time. Common interests often create you have hobbies and things you like to do... BTW.....will you be my friend here on AB???
  • You have friends....WE'RE ALL HERE ON AB!!!!! Now you're not sad anymore :)
  • If you got no friends, ask yourself why? It's not hard to make friends so go out and find some, what's stopping you?
  • so sad that you're asking the world how sad you are! Don't worry, I've sent you a "friendship" invite! Well now you do! Still sad?? lol
  • same here.i have learned that it's not a bad thing.i'm free to do whatever i want,when ever,where ever for as long as i want.i don't need to wait for some one else to decide if they want to join me.that's why AB is so freakin cool.i can interact with others and if i don't feel like it i don't have to.
  • i know where your coming from. me neither.
  • Evidently too sad or not sad enough to go out and make some!
  • idk what i am. i have friends, but i just dont hang out with them. im extremely anti-social... but am well known at school as (that kid who you can buy drugs from)... ur sad? My life is going nowhere =[[[.
  • I am just as happy alone as with others. How sane am I?
  • You don't have any friends....well no you have one request coming your way!
  • Whereabouts are you in the UK,why not send a question for making friends in your local area? Even if its a coffee, shop and a chat? If you want to email me & chat please feel free
  • of course you have friends! what are we here for?
  • There are lots of people who do not have friends in the world ,beause to get a true friends now a days ,it is not easy some of them are self centre and some of them are after money ,if you are rich people comes to us ,as i have no frieds.

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