• Probably, but in reverse order.
  • let's fight them with 1-education 2-dialog 3-tolerance
  • I would have to say true.
  • Mix those up in any order you like and the statement is still very True.
  • Well 'Politics' can include everything, greed, pride, diversionary propaganda, ... So we could just say 'True' and leave it there. But I would rather not, because by itself Politics sounds at least halfway noble (idealistic and progressive). In any case Race and religion are out. Neither cause wars, but when war is there they are such wonderful scapegoats to claim as the reason for the war. And to supply you with nice simple emotional arguments for why every citizen should support the war effort. So wars tend to BECOME 'the cause' after the war start, but they are very rarely the cause of the war starting. Instead I would say that the largest single reason for wars are greed. The desire to take wealth or some scarce resource from somebody else. Most of the medieval wars (including official crusades) are best understood in terms of gaining control of the the highly profitable (and taxable) trade routes between Europe and the far east. In colonial times it was mostly about resources, the rich mines of Africa and other un-developed nations. Greed. regards JakobA
    • Roaring
      Hey Jacob I just read this and a lot of your answers. I like the way you express your thoughts. I would be curious to read and consider any question you may pose and have noticed you haven't any so far. how about it?
  • Ignorance and intolerance are pretty good contributors as well
  • Religion, Idiocy, and Traffic.
  • I'd include gender too.
  • For sure...only I would would make it 5 and add stingy bosses and lousy neighbors to your list. ;)
  • False... Ignorance is.
  • False. The three biggest causes of hatred are: love, self-love, and injustice real or perceived.
  • I believe the actual root cause of this hatred is to be found in our undisciplined human nature. Watch children interact, for example, as they grow. Maybe you have siblings and remember some of the heated arguments or even fights you may have had. Competitive, and combative, human nature which is NOT disciplined and controlled turns into intolerance, hatred, and conflict. We are social creatures...but we have to LEARN how to coexist peacefully in human societies. This is why we have all those rules, regulations, laws, and codes which define what is acceptable conduct and what is not. Selfishness is a human trait which, untempered, leads down the path to such anti-social and destructive behavior. Selfish people will use whatever means at their disposal to get what they want: sex, politics, race, religion, violence...whatever. Good question, though! +5
  • False. Those three are concepts, by themselves they pose no threat. It's the attitudes of intolerance, lack of acceptance that people have regarding them that cause hatred.
  • False - you omitted economics (money)...
  • I would say they are the three biggest excuses for hatred. The actual causes are ignorance, arrogence and the ethocentristic nature of cultures.
  • False. Hatred is a product of ignorance and fear and possibly generated by greed of the few that wants the masses of human beings fighting/blaming each other rather than the collective exposing and de-powering the greedy from their empty persuits.
  • i think its true

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