• gerrymander
  • MINE: Slab-car, Bopper-whore, Keepin it 100-keepin it real, Gutta-grimy or raw, Mud-Promithizene w/codiene (sizzurp or lean), Hi kappin'/bumpin'-talkin shit, Goin fed- (goes hard), Onion-ounce of yayo, Tippin down-chip in, Sludge-ho, Zone/ Zip-ounce of any kind of drug, Bow /elbow-a pound of weed, heater/banger-a gun, pearl tongue/vertical smile/cutty/snatch/trim-pussy, chi/whitegirl/soft/bitch-coke, Dodi/dodo/chron/dank/nug-hydro, Tabs/skates/little ones/skittles-ex pills, Bleed the block-hustlin, Fry/water/sherm-embalming fluid, pizza toppings/fungus-shrooms, planks/totem poles/4 squares/bikes-xanax bars
  • My neighbors are mostly cows and Amish people. So...very few I think. Maybe someone should provide a list so I can see if I do?
  • -4Real, fo-sho and the rest none a yall fake pussy ho's can try and use to impess ur nerdy lil friends. ya dig.!

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