• I'm not sure. It depends on how well you know and trust him. My s/o says it and he wants to go talk with the guys, read by himself, work on a project, etc. I know where he is and when he'll return to me. I hope this helps. +4
  • It probably means that he prefers to be single, or at least he is not ready to be in a committed relationship.
  • He wants to spend time by himself. Probably nothing personal. Everyone needs a little time alone. I wouldn't have married my husband unless he understood how important that was to me. Turns out, it important to him too.
  • No you shouldn't. Every person needs his/her sense of independence, even when that person is involved in a close relationship. Every person needs to be free to do his/her own things, explore what life has to offer for him/herself, and be creative. He just needs his freedom to do the things he wants, for himself. It doesn't diminish his love for you. In fact, giving him his space will strengthen your relationship with him. It is unnatural and unhealthy for a couple to do things constantly with each other, in my opinion. People need to grow as individuals. This does not cease to exist even when people marry.
  • It means chill, back off and if I were you, I would be upset.
  • Probably either that you're smothering him or he wants to be free to bang other women. I'd ask him for a clarification of the term and then you can decide if you should be upset.
  • No, don't be upset - just don't crowd him for awhile. It usually means just what it says - so go with it and don't worry about it.
  • No. If you're in need of your space, I'm sure he will give it to you. Having space is a reassessment of something to evaluate.

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