• Well, that kinda thinkin' can get to be a kinda 'chicken-and-egg' thing, no? Best to make the 1st move oneself! - ;-)
  • She can expect whatever she wants, but I still maintain my own standards of chivalry and courtesy regardless of her disposition. That's on me, not her.
  • Initially, I will give her the benefit of the doubt.
  • Should I be expected to treat you as an intelligent person if you insist on treating women as 'ladies'?
  • The problem is, I know women who want their man to treat them like their daddy always said they should be treated- nothing wrong with that- but some of those women never act like their daddy said they should! Now how am I expected to be all polite and chivalrous when she's droppin F bombs in public like it's Baghdad?
  • No. Respect is earned, and some folks just throw it out the window!
  • Unfortunately, the days of ladies and gentlemen is long over and has been replaced with common, Rap listening, vulgar youths who have a "me first" mentality. However, every now and then, a gentleman, such as myself , does have the pleasure of opening a door for a true lady and maybe even inquire, "how do you do?" but most women dress like men, act like men,and swear like sailors!
  • If she doesn't act ladylike, then perhaps she's not worthy of the moniker, "lady". To me a lady is one who clearly possesses grace, dignity and class. If the woman does not have these attributes, that doesn't mean you should treat them badly, but they have to earn it or show it before they can expect to be treated as a lady...
  • You get what you put out on this planet most times.
  • The woman who doesn't act ladylike can sit back and expect a lot of things however she will probably be continuously disappointed. People respond to the stimulus they receive whether this is spoken, seen, or heard.
  • For most of us today the terms lady and gentleman are hardly used. Women in particular dislike being called a lady because it doesn't describe her gender it describes a preset standard of behavior under which the older generations feel a female need behave. Most women don't particularly want to act "ladylike" or be treated like a "lady." Women simply want to be treated as equals in most every respect.
  • Every woman deserves to be treated like a lady! Even if up till now she's been told she's 'less than' all her life and might be believing it by now!
    • Linda Joy
      She should not expect it. Expectations lead to disappointments.

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