• Yep! If she could do the same job as anyone else,it doesn't matter.People should vote on the issues,not the sex or the race of the people in running.*+++++*
  • Certainly .. I would vote for a qualified woman any day!
  • in a New York heartbeat my friend! +5
  • I would if she had the right qualifications to do the job; but not just because she was a woman. She would have to be the best candidate.
  • if I felt she was the best qualified for the job
  • Sure,deserving candidates are always welcome.
  • Certainly, as long as I felt her to be the best choice out of all the available candidates. Just like any other election I've ever voted in.
  • Most definitely would. Gender does not dictate ability to run a government
  • Just as long as she was qualified i dont know why that would be a problem .
  • If she is problem...
  • In a heartbeat, assuming she was qualified.
  • Since I am not an ELECTORAL VOTER, I could vote DAFFY DUCK for president--and it wouldn't make any more bit of difference in the outcome!!!!
  • If I did, the FBI director would just pull an illegal trick and cause her to lose because the republicans wanted her to. ....And people would go along because they're so stupid they can't even tell when they've been brainwashed ..... Or even when they can, they wont do anything because they're irresponsible and suck hard.
  • Sure I would. As long as it isn't Hillary Clinton or Liz Warren. I would definitely have voted for Tulsi Gabbard last time.
  • That would depend on her platform. Even though they all lie.
  • If I thought she'd make a good president yes I would. OTOH I wouldn't vote for a woman simply because she was a woman.
  • Sure...if she were, in my estimation, the better (read: less bad) nominee on the ballot. In other words: I'd vote for a particular woman candidate for the same reasons I'd vote for a particular man candidate. *** What I want in a candidate: honesty, character, support of issues that I support. What a candidate has to have to win the Presidency: dishonesty, lack of character, and the ability to switch support to whatever issues the candidate believes will most likely get them elected. *** Take a look at Pence in the vp debate (2016). No overt lying during the debate. (In fact: seeming to be careful to NOT lie.) Polite. Patient. No mud-slinging. In other words: completely UNlike ALL of the others (presidential and vice presidential candidates) in that same year. He stands NO chance of winning the presidency. IMO he's a huge improvement compared to any other politician I currently know.
  • No problem here.
  • I sure would if she was qualified to be a good president. I liked her policies.

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