• a seriously, ive heard all sorts of wives tales. the best luck ive had is my big lab outside in a kennel at night. they hardly ever come by my house.
  • ewwwwww try a fence.
  • Kill one of them then mutilate the body and hang it up outside as a warning.
  • My dad had skunks regularly visiting his garage. He put a light in there overnight because skunks prefer the dark and played the radio all night. After a couple of nights of that they stopped coming around.
  • The Skunk itself doesn't stink, Unless they are frightened and spray. And that carries 100's of yards. They feed at night so make sure there is no food source around your house for them and they will stop coming but, If they are in the area and they spray, You're still going to smell them. If you live in a populated Area try calling Animal control and see if they will remove them from the area.
  • Skunks don't smell unless they spray for protection or are startled. Just put a bright light in the back yard, that should keep them away.
  • Killing a skunk and leaving it's body around is not a solution if you are trying to get rid of the smell. Skunks are meat eaters and are are attracted by chicken bones or open garbage cans. The best bet is to keep all organic matter away from your house or put up a wire mesh fence to keep them away from you bedroom window. Deterrents like dogs or traps only increase the odor plus it is very unpleasant deodorizing the dog. I used to have a dog that thought it was great fun to chase skunks. Using a live trap to catch a skunk is a very smelly proposition also. The release odor when they are trapped but have plenty left when you come release them.

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