• Why would a man commit treason against his country, especially one who had fought so valiantly? We can only speculate. He was certainly angry and hurt over the many slights he received over the years. He probably felt unappreciated by his country and those he fought with, even sacrificing his own leg for the cause. His pride was most likely the biggest piece of his life that was damaged — humiliation was always an affront Arnold could never take. Money, of course, played a big part. He was offered in excess of 10,000 pounds and a commission in the British military.
  • Lack of recognition from the Continental Congress, money problems, and the french alliance were all factors that contributed to his betrayal.
  • He was constantly passed over for promotion in the Continental Army despite having demonstrated bravery above the call of duty in many battles during the Revolutionary War. Added to this was his marriage to young social-climbing Penny Shippen. He was motivated by desire for wealth, social status and power. In an act that has made his name synonymous with treason in American history, Arnold conspired to turn his command of West Point over to the British. In return, he was to receive money and become a general in the British army.
  • He did it for love

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