• Just a crush?Is that a serious crush?If so and you don't wanna convert her then the only option is to be "Born again".If you ask me it's not that bright thing to do as both of you'd be the same person after marriage if,you have any plans.So why do other things like religion matter if,they can't bring about any change in your personality.Let the relationship and beliefs stay apart.That's the best way to be happy.
  • Catholics are not part of a cult, they still believe in the same Jesus... although their belief system is a bit more "colorful". What does it matter... if you have a crush, then you have a crush. Get to know her as a person, she isn't the religion that you seem to fear. No one can force you to do anything... your beliefs are yours and her's are her's. If she told you she couldn't date you because you were "not catholic", would you feel discriminated against?
  • if its just a crush then dont even consider religion as part of it if it is a relationship that will last for ever then theres still no reason to change religion we all have our own beliefs and opinions I dont think anyone should change and no one should be asked to change
  • Don't convert.
  • Well seeing as Catholics are Christians too that is half the battle won... It is just a crush, you are not looking to get married right now. Even if you do, there is no need for her to convert to your denomination, or for you to convert to her denomination (certain priests and vicars can be a bit hardline when it comes to these things, but not all). Don't worry about something which may never even become an issue, your relationship and your religon are seperate and can be reconciled. You don't have to do anything that you do not want to do when it comes to your faith =) You really don't.
  • Work on the relationship. If church becomes an issue find a church you both can learn from and go together every other Sunday.
  • Unless you're eliminating bad or unhealthy habits there is no reason to change yourself for a romantic interest. How can you possibly be happy if you have to change who you are to be with someone?
  • Catholics ARE Christians. Also, even if she believed aliens from Mars dropped us here, and god is a giant chicken, it shouldn't matter. You like her for who she is, not what church she goes to. Many people enter relationships who are of different belief systems, and many make it work long-term, and even get married. you both just have to accept each other for who you are, and refrain from trying to convert. Good luck.
  • I wouldn't pursue it any further, crushes turn into something more serious usually (especially if it is mutual). I am not saying Catholics are bad... for me I would not want the rituals and restrictions to my relationship with God, I like knowing I can talk to God anytime I want and I don't have to go through a long 10 step process to do it. But it is better to share Jesus than not at all. If you are young and not quite established in your faith or relationship with God, it is easy to sacrifice it and say that this girl is more important, until down the road you have kids and decide what to church to raise them in. It would be a lot easier to find a girl with a more similar faith. Or at least become more grounded in your beliefs so it is easier to make the decision in what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with. (if you haven't already)
  • Is she a nun?
  • Any religion that dictates you have to convert when love comes to town isn't worth following and I'm sure God would agree. If she or her people want you to convert or vice versa you gotta question the religious framework there. Follow your heart, not a religious club.
  • Ummm, Catholics ARE Christian. So you like Dodge better than Ford. Either one can lead you to God. A crush is a crush. Enjoy it. IF and only if it gets serious, you might want to consider learning more about EACH OTHER's religion. My parents were a 'mixed' couple, and they lasted a lifetime together. If you can recognize that it's a relationship with God, and not any particular religion that gets you into Heaven, you'll be fine.
  • This relationship probably will not work. Obviously, you do not need to worry about converting, because if you don't want to, then you won't. But you say "I am Christian, she is Catholic." In reality, both of you are Christians. After all, you both believe in Jesus Christ as your savior. If you emphasize the differences instead of focusing on what you do have in common, a relationship will not be possible.
  • I thought Catholics were Christians??? What seens to be the problem?
  • I strongly urge taking some Bible courses, even a Systematic Theology course and a basic course on Protestant theology, to help you understand the core beliefs of the Christian (Protestant) faith. Catholics do also profess Christ, but there are vast differences in the worship practices and how Jesus is regarded with respect to Mary. A romantic interest in a person should not be strong enough to uproot you if you have truly studied and proven what you profess to believe.
  • This way, that way, any way hey peoples, no way is better than hell. Why not the Right way. How to define the right way, when you find the right way noone could change your mind.
  • Catholicism IS a Christian denomination. The biggest one, in fact.
  • If you mean you are a Christian because your parents raised you that way, you attend Church more than 5 times a year regularly, you remember that Christmas and Easter involves Jesus in some way, You know some of the rules in the Bible, but never took the time to actually read the Bible, you went to Bible School every summer as a kid, you play on the church softball team, or you went on all of the youth group retreats then go ahead and convert. Nothing in your life is gonna change much. You will just be exchanging one set of requirements for another. On the other hand, if you call yourself a Christian because at one point in your life you heard the story of Jesus and realised you were a sinner and with out Jesus in your life you were lost and had no hope of salvation based on you own goodness and you accepted Jesus into your heart becoming a new transformed being and you strive daily ti live a life centered on God and his Word then don't convert because you will be joining a religious institution based on ancient rights ceremonies and traditions not based on God's Word. It all depends on your definition of what a Christian is.
  • Date more? If you mean convert just so you can date her, then respect yourself and your beliefs a little more so they're not swayed by the slightest imbalance of hormones in your brain. If you mean you're worried that you'll be exposed to a different religion and convert because of that, then don't be afraid to learn about other religions. If your religion is right, then no harm can come about simply learning about other religions.
  • Catholics are Christians too.
  • ...ARE YOU going to choose a woman over God? ...If you feel the catholic religion is not correct, why would you put your relationship with God in jeapordy? shouldnt. Expecially when it is only a crush. Wow...need to do alittle meditating (praying) your word. ...
  • The other Churches that are protestant are off shots of the C-Church, they had Schisms and created these other Churches. For the record here are some of the reasons They used symbols in their Churches that some consider idols, they speak more of Mary than of Christ at Christmas time, the last funeral I went to they threw holy water on the casket and claimed that act saved her soul. Anyway I see just these three things as a deal breaker, but hey that is me.

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