• I don't think it has anything to do with religion. It's more to do with people being inherently evil. Whispering a few words before eating that rare T-bone ain't gonna change you none.
  • It makes me aware of how many dysfunctional people are on the planet is all. Religion does not stand by its people, but by the truths it contains.
  • You are the one questioning our religion. Why? This is a serious question. It most likely means you are more interested in having religion yourself than you are willing to admit. But don't be afraid of it; you were made by God so you have an inborn desire for Him...
  • There are many more people that are godless or just a weak follower of some religion that are in those same prisons so why pick on those that are supposed to lead but don't?
  • "...possibly thousands of ordained ministers and clergy..." . Care to cite your sources for this incredibly vague, yet highly inciteful, proclamation?
  • Yes, Religion will take you straight to Hell but Jesus Christ will take you to Heaven
  • Nope. I've always known they're the world's biggest hoax
  • I question the accuracy of your to site them...oh and we all know generalizations are so accurate and idicative of all members of a group or belief...right? Throwing out the baby with the bathwater ehh? How about you learn to stop being ignorant and doe some research before you shout your hateful BS here?
  • Bad people do bad things. And when those bad people take leadership roles, it scares me. It makes me weary of trusting people.
  • I think there are corrupt people in every flavor of religion/path of life/nation, so I don't think others actions should interfere with one religion's message. But besides that point, I like that word sheeple and will steal it from you for later use. What would you call the singular form of it? :P
  • My faith is in my heart, not in some building people call a "church." I believe in God, not in those who claim to speak for God.
  • Power corrupts, especially if you have to power held over their "immortal soul" and can make then silent about any complaints if you threaten them to eternal damnation. None so blind, as those who refuse to see!
  • I would LOVE to know that there are thousands of clergy who have stood trial for their crimes against children, and for misusing their posts. Please tell me this is true!!! Restore my faith in justice, Legend!!! I need it more than you may know. +5

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