• Faith don't make you bulletproof
  • A lot of people hate the pope.
  • Because, some stupid reject may try to shoot him. It is not wise to put faith to a foolish test. +5
  • because his faith is not 100 % ......i guess
  • He lacks faith in you.
  • Good Point Yo:):)+++6:) I guess at some point we are all still human:):)
  • A lot of people have faith. That doesn't mean they should risk their life when it is not absolutely necessary. I may have faith, that doesn't mean that I drive at 100 miles per hour without a seat belt.
  • Altho' to some it may seem equivalent, faith doesn't necessarily involve stupidity! ;-)
  • He has lots of faith in many things, including faith that the bullet-proof glass will protect him.
  • because he has faith in mystical beings...not that you won;t try and shoot him
  • It wasn't the Pope's decision. It was deemed necessary after the Ali Agca assassination attempt.
  • Even Jesus said "no" when told to through himself down form a high building. Scripture was even quoted at him to remind him that angels would keep him from "dashing his foot upon a rock." His answer included the phrase, "tempt not the Lord thy God." If its bullet proof glass, exercising or saving money for a rainy day, preparation and protective measures t does not negate faith, it simply is a use of wisdom a creator gave. Not try to be preachy here, just give another side of the debate.
  • What a goofy question. Protecting one's self is not a sign of lack of faith. We are intelligent beings. Your question is trying to say that if you lock your door at night you don't have faith. Go read a book or something.
  • Because he has faith that someone out there may be a good shot. Having faith doesn't mean hes stupid.
  • I have read, so far, every response to this question, which is a good question, btw, and one would be hard pressed to notice any difference. The conclusion seems to be, well, at least my conclusion, that what they called "faith" is something that should not be tested in any way, shape, or form. So what exactly "faith" can be equated with? What's its worth? Were among all those people who have died in airplain crash anybody who had "faith"? If they did--they had "faith" in what exactly? And if they died because they didn't have "faith", or their "faith" wasn't strong enough, then this thing called faith is actually not a very reliable item one could depend on. "Let me hide behind this bulletproof glasses just in case". HAH! His "faith" is actually in those glasses that protect him and the men and women who were smart enough to invent them. Well, that's a kind of "faith" worth something.

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