• I dont know if shea butter or black soap helps cure acne but what i do know is ive been using this really good soap its called pear soap .its not anything to treat acne its just regular glycerin bar with hardly any chemicals. there contains no oils or anything that may break out your face. i used so many acne medications from noxema,neutrogena,clearisil, etc. i even used proactiv and let me tell you none of those worked suprisingly not even proactiv. I suggest if you really want to treat acne u should try this soap the name brand is called pear soap .you can get it in blue glycerin or brown glycerin try both see which one you like best they only cost a $1.50 . I use the brown kind but you pick,read the boxes and see which one you like better.its very hard to find, I find mine in bargain stores and dollar stores, thats the only place u can find them. I know everyones skin is a little different and every one finds something that works best for them that might not work for anyone else but it wouldnt hurt to give it a try right?oh yeah you can also order online at this site just click on it youl see get an idea of to what it looks like .
  • yes, shea butter and black soap in combination are excellent for skin conditions including acne and skin discoloration. they are also very natural products and have no chemicals. If you see african women a lot of time they have very clear skin, it's smooth and radiant and that's mainly because shea butter and black soap is a daily part of their regimen. I've myself started using black soap at first and then couldn't find a moisturizer strong enough to counter the drying effect (it is a drying soap, but that's because it detoxifies skin)and that when I started ordering shea butter online as well. They work very well together and shea butter is not as greasy as i thought. Unfortunately those two are not as widely available as they should and if you do find them in store like wholes food, they cost an arm and a leg, so I buy my shea butter and black soap online at From them it's pretty cheap and shipping is also cheap compare to most. I recommend if you do have acne, eczema or other skin problems to make shea butter and black soap a part of your daily skin care. you won't regret it.
  • black soap dries out your blemishes but you don't wanna use it too often if you have sensitive skin because it will dry it out
  • try it and see, noxema used to help me when i had acne

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