• Not the last time I checked :)
  • No but it's taking orders from my left.
  • No. It's just resting. Must be pining for the Fjords again as it does from time to time.
  • That would mean I would be going around in circles Let me check? No ... still moving forward ... lol
  • Let's see, if my right brain were dead I would be incapable of: - holistical algorithmic processing, - abstract-oriented mathematics - perception of shapes/motions - present and future - language intonation/emphasis - spatial perception Yep, looks dead alright....;-D.... . . .
  • yes, it is stupid but it's true.
  • No, my left brain is dominant, however the right likes to suggest some wild ideas which get me into trouble at times. I submit two of my contributions to AB questions as evidence of a creative right brain. Qusestion: Enjoy brevity? Anaswer: Yes; brevity is most enjoyable in politicians' speeches, bad weather and women's fashions. Question: What’s your favorite flavor of rain? Answer: I have tasted the cold spring rain coming off Lake Erie, the smoggy drizzle falling on the Los Angeles Basin, the gentle salty mist falling on the coast of West Florida and the brief minty down pour of the afternoon rains in Germany's Taunus mountains. But my favorite is the ozone flavored thunderstorms in Northern Arizona.
  • ? I always score 80 right / 20 left, or sometimes 90/10 on the tests.
  • i hope not

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