• What I have heard and seen about it, I think they all have a jolly good time.Colour televisions, DVD video players, stereo systems and if they can afford it outside caterers supply their meals. Prison in the UK is no deterrent its become a joke. That warders now have to call them Mr Smith etc.They even get out well before their time is up, just to make room for more to take their place.
  • The average sentence is about 15 years before the first parole hearing, although those convicted of exceptionally grave crimes remain behind bars for considerably longer; Ian Huntley was given a tariff of 40 years. Some receive whole life tariffs and die in prison, such as Myra Hindley. Various media sources estimate that there are currently between 35 and 50 prisoners in England and Wales who have been issued with whole life tariffs, issued by either the High Court or the Home Office. These include Ian Brady, Donald Neilson, Dennis Nilsen and Robert Black. Prisoners jailed for life are released on a life licence if the parole board authorises their release. The prisoner must satisfy the parole board that they are remorseful, understand the gravity of their crime and pose no future threat to the public. They are subject to a possible lifelong recall to prison should they breach their parole conditions. Generally speaking it is assumed that life means 25 years - anything longer is usually sited as "detained at her Majestys' pleasure!"
  • In theory, a life sentence means life in prison. However, the Parole Board may release a prisoner on parole - that is, subject to good behaviour - earlier. A prisoner on parole can, in theory, be recalled to prison to serve the remainder of their sentence if they break their parole - that is, commit or just plan another serious offence. When they are sentenced, a judge may recommend a minimum period which they are to serve before the Parole Board will consider any application for parole.However, the Parole does not need to follow this, though it would be unusual for them not to. Also, the Justice Secretary acn overrule a recommendation for parole. I dislike this system, which leave the actual sentence served to be decided behind closed doors rather than in open court. It arises from the mandatory life sentence for murder, which is based on the assumption that all murders are equally abhorrent. But, by the actions of the parole Board and from obvious public opinion, all murders are not the same. A battered wife who snaps and kills her drunken husband is in a very different class from a serial child-killer and should not receive the same sentence.
  • bout 15 years, depends on the crime

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