• sweeping generalisations are always inaccurate. Why limit the question to Europe and Australia? What about New Zealand and Bhutan?
  • I've been around. I lived in Europe. I've had Aussie bosses in Vietnam and Indonesia. I never had a problem.
  • No its not true.Europeans tend to be more resrved and the culture is different but generally they like Americans and perhaps its foreign policy they are not keen on.Just be yourself.Aussies are still mostly Europeans with an attitude but nice, they dont like bull shit.
  • Generally people around the world are somewhere between positively disposed to indifferent in regard to Americans. Their media classes are another matter but then our media classes have all kind of loves and hates that bear little relationship to Americans at large.
  • Speaking only from living in the UK, people don't have a problem with Americans. But a lot of people had a lot of problems with what the US, as a nation, did under the GWB presidency, particularly later on. Nobody that I know held individual Americans responsible for the administration actions, and my American friends were deeply apologetic. So I don't think you would have any problems in Britain unless you professed adulation for Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.
  • hope you get to travel outside the states we like you guys its like having a hyperactive little brother!
  • As long as you behave as a guest you will be welcomed anywhere, unfortunately some visitors behave as though they are superior beings and because Americans speak (a form of) English :-), they can be understood (unlike French and Germans for instance). It is fine to be proud of your country but claiming to have invented everything and that everything you have is the "biggest and best" is not necessarily a way of endearing yourself to your hosts. I hope you can get to Europe and enjoy it.
  • I've traveled in Europe quite a bit, and have found that most Europeans tend to be less brash and speak in lower voices than Americans. BUT they value courtesy highly, and appreciate it if you make an attempt to learn some phrases in their language. Good morning, please, and thank-you are easy phrases to learn. We Americans tend to dash into a store and ask without preamble, "Do you carry Diet Dr. Pepper (or whatever)?" Doing this in a shop in France, for instance, won't gain you points. I learned to say, "Bonjour" and wait for their "Bonjour" back before asking for something. It's funny how small things like that make a difference. Be pleasant and courteous, not demanding, and I bet you will find you have a great time, if you decide to take this trip. I've also lived and traveled in Latin America, and would say the same rules apply. Can't speak for other parts of the world at this point.
  • Im English and i dont mind Americans although lots of American programs take the micky out of the English.
  • When I lived in Oz, everyone seemed to love Americans. Of course, that was back in the 1960's.
  • I am European but have lived in Australia for many years. I wouldn't say they don't like them, they just find some of them loud mouthed and with an air of superiority (like everything is bigger and better in the ol'US of A)
  • The French tend to discriminate a bit too obvious...
  • No not all european people, I'm european(irish) and have nothing against americans. +5
  • I am an american and i really have no love for the europeans. that being said when i traveled to germany, most of the people there were friendly and courteous, one thing i did hear from other europeans though was to avoid France. They hate americans in france(the feeling is mutual). Most of europe hates americans and american politics, however as long as your not the Ugly american, like so many americans are, i think you will find them generaly friendly.
  • Post submitted in error.
  • I dont think the anti American Europeans who are a small minority hate the ordinary American citizen.I think as you say the problem lies with American world politics.The Dutch,Belgians and Luxembourgers have great respect for America and her allies for coming over to oust the Germans during WW11.Dont be put off from visiting Europe because the anti American bigots are few and far between.

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