• Don't do it. Foul smell and lots of drainage indicates infection which can mean ruptured ear drum. Peroxide can damage their hearing if the eardrum is ruptured. It's time for a vet visit. Poor doggie!
  • Don't. Take him to the vet.
  • uh-oh....that's most likely some infection in the ear. It's better to go get him checked but have to prevent it in the future. When I wash my dog, I clean his ears, too. Take apple cider vinegar and wet a cotton ball with it, not damp, just s little moist. Clean out the ears with it. It kills and cleans the bacteria out and works great. You should definitely use it on your dog, as well. But what you can try, for now, is mixing the apple cider vinegar with the peroxide. Add just a little bit of water so it won't be so strong. Clean out his ears with it. I actually found a blog where a lady did that so hey, it does work. Hope all goes well :D
  • Sounds like your dog has an infection. You need to take "him" to the vet for a culture analysis!
  • Hi, Snakey! I'm afraid I don't know about your doggie, but it's good to see you back. How have you been?
  • Peroxide doesn't cure infections you need antibiotics. They are cheap exspecially for a dog.
  • Since the foul smell persists, it is not due to the wax which has now been removed by you. It is not good to do anything on your own. I would highly recommend that you visit the vet clinic immediately for consultations.
  • Please go to the vet. Don't experiment.
  • OK, first of all hydrogen peroxide has water in it & water is not all that good in the ear canal. hydrogen peroxide is only good if it is applied where it can evaporate. My hsb has had ear surgery & the Dr told him the best thing for his ear canal is alcohol, which dries up the water in his ear after swimming. I am NOT suggesting you put alcohol in your dog's ear! Take your dog to vet is always the best advice, but if you're not gonna do it, go to your local dog supply and get ear canker powder. Read the directions & apply for logical amount of time. The main thing is to clean & dry & then treat the problem. If that doesn't fo it, take him to the vet knowing you tried your best.
  • No, smelly ears usually mean a problem, maybe it's parasites or moisture got in there and caused an infection. It's best to go to the vet and get them professionally cleaned and even some meds to rid the problem for good.
  • A trip to the vet is in your future. What you cleaned out was likely not wax, but some type of infection, whether it's bacterial, fungal or microbial. The type of infection will determine proper course of treatment.

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