• kitchen basics (pots, pan, plates, silverware, cups, bowls, etc) bedding Towels cleaning supplies couch table tv/stereo/computer/or other electronics means to pay bills
  • for kitchen: a microwave cups bowls plates paper towels dish soap sponge/cleaning cloth food eating utensils for bathroom: towels soap tooth paste and tooth brush toilet paper shower curtain wash clothes for bedroom: some kind of temporary bed intil your real bed comes curtains/blinds for the windows clothes for living room: something to sit on tv
  • couch coffee table chairs and kitchen table if u have room mattress pots, pans, dishes, forks, knives spoons collander shower curtain dresser
  • Plunger. Never move in anywhere without one. There is nothing like scrambling to the store in a rush having to buy a plunger. Everyone knows what you did...
  • I moved out of my mothers house with about 300 dollars (after rent) saved. My first month there I used about 100 on food and dishes (I just got a dollar store thing that came with 2 plates, 2 bowls, and 2 cups and got one spoon, butter knife, fork, and spatula on the side) With the rest I purchased a radio and bean bag chair with a little generic table from walmart. It was sparse living to say the least but it worked for me. Every month I got a little bit more until I was living in style (okay, so my sense of style sucked). But I was fine the first month so I'd say that I had the bare necessities covered pretty well. I'd have been SOL if I hadn't been able to take my bedroom with me though.
  • Money for a deposit, envelopes, paper pencil and must always be prepared to write home and ask for more money !!!
  • Number one is always a fridge, plates, cups and cutlery followed by a mattress and somewhere to hang your clothes. Unless you like eating cold a cooker would be a good idea followed by a washing machine (unless you send your clothes to a laundry). Curtains or blinds are essential if you are withing viewing distance of other residents.
  • Money, a job and good decorator magazines. Have fun.
  • Sofa bed,coffee maker & a list of the local restaurants that deliver !
  • Bed (sleeping bag will suffice in a pinch) Kitchen equipment. Food. Toiletries. Stereo or other basic entertainment. Sufficient starting money. Lamp, and spare lightbulbs. Cleaning supplies.

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