• I choose one.
  • I chose.
  • Born into one, interesting fact was one of my relatives said we go to Church to lie, he was not truly religious in the real sense of the word.
  • Both. I was born into one but later made a choice and then switched again. LOL
  • Born into it. I see both the good and bad in it. + 5
  • I was born into the one of my childhood, and was all too happy to choose a different one.
  • Born into apathetic slightly agnostic parents and chose absolutely no religion, Atheism, after much research.
  • I chose. My family are the types of believers that go to church when it's convenient, they believe but it doesn't change their lives or truly touch them. I'm different from them, I live it, I'm not perfect but I'm striving for it ;)
  • Born into, one day I may start my own.
  • My parents were devout Catholics. But I was unborn again when I turned 14. I found out that some priests tried to molest altar boys. And the authorities did not prosecute.
  • I was born a Christian But really I believe I am an Athiest, and I am also gay So im not a proper Christian I believe nothing of God, jesus, the bible and everything Christians are meant to believe
  • Born to a Catholic mother and baptized into that religion right out of the hospital.
  • Neither and neither.
  • Almost every religion has a right of passage that members have to choose themselves to or not to IE confirmation/ Bar Mitzvah so ppl who are older than 12ys of age or so chose their religion
  • I was born Catholic and by age 13 I ran as fast and far away from that as I could. I choose my belief system, for that is what a belief is.
  • Both. I was born Catholic, and later as an adult, i chose to continue that path. Im a fairly devout catholic by choice and by birth.
  • Both. All my family members are Christian and that's what I was surrounded by until I left for college. I was in a world of very diverse people with different religions (or none at all), and even when my faith was being tested by some of their lectures, I maintained my belief in Christianity. The only thing that had changed was my becoming more tolerant and open-minded about alternative lifestyles of others. I may not always support certain views and ideals, but I should respect the person that believes in them. It's easier for me to tell people that I'm protestant, but I really don't think I belong to an exact denomination. Christianity to me, has become less of a religion and more of an attitude and belief- living life the way Jesus says we should by loving one another, being at peace, respecting others, loving even your enemies, etc... I think people have just taken the faith to a level that it shouldn't have gone to, which is some form of radical control of other people and their lives. Seeing the way many churches treat people so terribly, I know that it's not the way Jesus intended us to be.
  • No, I was born with it!
  • Thank you, I believe that is a very good question. I chose, or should I say, I decided to answer the call of God.
  • I was born a Christian but be came an atheist to this day I still am!! Religion has no power over me!! I am what I am, how I dictate !! No other!! Full stop! :-/
  • I was born into Catholicism and chose to stay within the Church.
  • I was not raised in a religious household. I chose one after I was an adult.
  • Both. I am a lifelong Catholic. When I was old enough to think for myself, I looked around at all of my spiritual options and then realized that Catholicism: + Answered all my questions + Satisfied both my faith and my reason + Inspired both great learning and great spirituality With love in Christ.
  • I was born catholic but fell from it later in life. Then started looking for the 1 true faith and the Holy trinity led me to it. Traditional Catholisisum.

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