• I should.I heard that it's good for you.Soon,I will be exercising.Thank you --CT-- from yesterday.*+++++*
  • Yes - always. I absolutely despise exercise and try to avoid it all costs, but I have just started light jogging and yoga to keep in shape during my pregnancy. My husband is a health nut and is in incredible physical shape. He insists that I stretch and do at least 20 minutes of low impact warm up exercise before hitting the "hard" stuff. Sigh.
  • Actually I never really have done stretches.
  • Yes. It's very important. Otherwise you run the risk of injury: muscle spasm, etc.. Your muscles need to be warmed up. Rotation exercises are also good for the joints.
  • I have to get stem cells done on my heart..I can't exercise due to lack of oxygen hopefully it's only from necrosis and not aging.. I don't think stem cells can fix that but will find out soon..
  • I do some yoga stretches daily:)
  • I do. I do a lot of jogging so shin splints are really common and there is no remedy that alleviates that pain. You have to just let it go away on it's on. The surface you run on makes a difference too, but streatching was actually recommended by my doctor along with other runners and seems to do some good.
  • Yes, I always strecch first, always warm-up first. +5
  • Yep I do.
  • There are basically 3 kinds of exercises I do. The first two, walking and swimming, do not require any stretching. The third, Yoga, consists mostly of stretching exercises alone. Yoga keeps the body well tuned without unnecessary wastage of energy.
  • Yes, religiously - to avoid muscle pulls and injuries.
  • No and I knwo I should but I'm still young and not too tight
  • Somewhat but not as much as I should.
  • Yes I do, all the time.
  • No, I'm bad about that if its not a structured exercise routine with the stretches included. But I definitely need to! Especially the older I get. That's how people get injured by not stretching out or not long enough. Just look at the woman in that picture, isn't that beautiful? Stretching feels good! Everyone should do it even if you don't plan to exercise. Its good to do before bed to pull the knots out of your muscles as well!
  • Absolutely! Stretching is an essential part of flexibility to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.
  • I use stretching cords that were given to me from a local rehab. I was a patient there for working on my legs and balance. I utilize stretch bands too.
  • I stretch before exercising.
  • When I used to jog outdoors daily I tried it for a little while but eventually dropped it because it seemed pointless. I got up to five miles per day eventually and I never suffered any injuries other than I think I had shinsplints in one of my legs for awhile. I don't think stretching would have prevented that.

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