• "The aim of an impressionist is to capture the fleeting vision of joyful everyday scenes as it is viewed in an array of color and light." -example essays "Classicism is a specific genre of philosophy, expressing itself in literature, architecture, art and music, which has Ancient Greek and Roman sources and an emphasis on society. It was particularly expressed in the Enlightenment, and the Age of Reason." -wikipedia good luck.
  • Oh for heaven's sake. Are you taking an art history class and somehow forgot to go to class or open the book? Try looking at a Nicolas Poussin painting and then a Monet - then tell ME what the difference is -
  • Classical art aimed at a realistic representation of the scene it portrayed. Maybe a scene which had never occurred, and maybe one influenced by the literature and metaphors of the artist's time, and the artistic conventions of the period. Whereas Impressionism endeavored to strip out the mundane, predictable, bits of the picture and show only the important bits, the bits that made an Impression.
  • The Classic art is just like a real art, the creativity of your mind which attracts people and forces them to give appreciation on your classic art. Classic art is an extra ordinary skill that no one can get from any teacher. Second, the impressionism is a predictive art which shows a chunk of any happening or any thinking, about no one can sure but just predict it through the art.
  • Just Google the two looking for images. The difference should be pretty clear.
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  • Impressionism did not blend colors with a bush. It put daubs of colors to be mixed side-by-side on the canvas. The colors are supposed to blend in the eye, but, of course, they do not. This was supposed to prevent muddying of colors. Pointillism is the conclusion of Impressionism. Salvador Dali said that Impressionism is a very poor solution to a non-existent problem, and he is correct.
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      This is an excellent answer. I agree 100% with you.

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