• I know it would definitly irritate it which may stimulate growth, they should study something like this almost sounds promising. Why have you recently been noticing more and more loose hairs?+3
  • UH, NOOOOOOOO but it would, as someone else said, cause a LOT of should just get yourself one of those electric scalp massagers,,,,,,,,but they MUST be used consistently over a great period of time.....there are also laser scalp things...can't think of the right name!! - that will promote hair growth........expensive, but something you should look into........again, must be used consistently over a period of time. go online to a search engine and enter 'laser hair growth' & you'll see what they're all about. DO NOT USE GOOGLE THEY TRACK YOUR SEARCHES. use DUCKDUCKGO.COM or IXQUICK.COM........neither one tracks you!!

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