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  • I would give it a shot. Looks are nothing. Personality is best. Who cares what someone looks like as long as they treat you with respect and you can relate to one another.
  • I'm not single, but I'm going to cheat and answer your question anyway, hehe. I would, but I know that a lot of girls would not. Most of them would say, "Of course I would, I'm not shallow." But, they are. When I started dating my boyfriend, a chubby, hairy fellow with a very slight speech impediment, my friends laughed at me, and they still do. for a year and a half I've had to put up with them making fun of him. But, the point of the story is, I said yes and we've been dating for awhile. There are girls our there who will say yes, but a lot of them will say no. But, a girl who says yes is the only type of girl you would want to date, so don't worry with the other ones. Sorry for the ramblin.
  • A guy is only ugly to me when he shows how immature or rude he is. Until he does he's just another guy... +3
  • i would give a shot too...many hot guyz are so annoying n rude, while not the best looking r so kinda n make u happy...if u guyz have a lot in common that works too...give it a try if it doesnt work u could end it lol
  • I'd give him a chance.
  • i would always give a nice guy a chance it is the total package not just the outward appearance but then i am not vain.
  • There has to be something there physically. Not everyone's idea of ugly is the same. But if you were approched by a girl that had a unattractive body but she had manners (no drinking involved) what would you say? Most likely no, anyway my answer is no
  • I would give him a chance. Why not? You can't always go off looks. If you do then you will really miss out on some good guys. Remember that some of the best looking guys and crappy attitudes and don't know how to treat women.
  • I would give him a shot. Unless of course I got the vibe of desperation or anything else off of him.
  • If they're as ugly as I am, I already know the answer: Shoot first, and THEN pass.
  • i would give him a chance becuz im not s shallow person ..i judge ppl by their personality and not their looks..take care
  • I once knew one of the butt ugliest people on this planet. The guy had nothing positive showing on his face. He was nice though so we became friends. It didn't take long at all for me to forget how ugly he was. It didn't take much longer after that for me to fall for him completely. It ended amicably, but he's still one of the best boyfriends I ever had. I learned a lot from him from the get go. A beautiful personality carries much more weight then a pretty face. :)
  • I think all things considered... You probably should. I might but it would have to be more than articulation and manners. He would have to be artistic, or talented or a genius. Something that made him attractive in another way.
  • This is something I've learned in my 42 years on this earth. Looks fade and change over time -- people gain weight, lose weight, get wrinkles etc. That's life. What is more important to me is what is on the inside. If someone has class and integrity, that usually doesn't change.
  • Even if I was single, I don't know if I could answer this question with a "Yes" or a "No". Why....I don't think people are ugly based on their physical appearance....especially on things they can't change....that includes if the guy lost a limb, has pimples, has any obvious blemishes and so on...Sure, I'd see them, ...but I view them as normal. I won't even date a guy if I can't see myself loving him if he had a disfigured face or lost a limb. It's one of those things. My dating standards are so weird...

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