• Ummm YES!
  • I sure do. Definatly doesn't set a good example for the child. This is why I don't always like hanging out with my brother inlaw and his wife. They do drugs and have a 4yr old. I do not agree. GROW UP!
  • Yes it is innapropriate. Hopefully they don't do it in front of the child.
  • Does this question even need to be asked? A few weeks ago in the local news here, a woman was arrested for bringing her baby to a drug deal (it was to an undercover agent).
  • It is VERY inappropiate !! They could go to Jail / Prison an d LOSE their children plus the house and all of their possessions ... They must NOT love their kids too much to risk losing them like that ..
  • Probably, unless you are talking about medical marijuana.
  • Absolutely. They're putting the child in danger. People involved in illegal activity tend to be extremely nervous, for good reason. A nervous mind prone to illegal activities is an excellent opportunity for something horrific to happen to that child.
  • It's illegal...they shouldn't be doing it in front of their kids or at all! They could and should get in trouble for that with the authorities.
  • It is flat out stupid and insane for any parent to act that way. They do not deserve to be parents.
  • Depends what drugs and your defonition of smuggling. A mom or dad having a personal weed plant or two is fine i believe. but running a smuggling ring with pounds of pot/drugs going through the house not good. if it's any other drug than weed its not good. (thats my moral view) legally i wouldnt do it cause i wouldn't want to lose my kid but i might have a plant or two for purely personal and doesn't leave the house. What brought up this question of i may ask?
  • Yes, it is inappropriate , illegal, unwise, self defeating. They should clean up their lives and set a good example for their child to follow. They are risking having the authorities take their child from them. I have seen this happen before.

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