• I bet if you wait a few days before Windows 7 comes out, you will be able to get a great deal on laptops with Windows Vista installed. That would be my strategy if I was buying a laptop in the next months.
  • After my experience being an early adopter of Vista, I would definitely just buy the laptop and let others feel the pain of a new OS.
  • If I were you, I'd ditch Microsoft altogether and buy yourself a Mac. Yes, I'm an Apple fanboy.
  • Most of the newer hardware available now should be able to run Windows 7. Windows 7 seems to run much better than Windows Vista and has a much smaller footprint on the system. If you buy one now, you might qualify for free upgrade to Windows 7 once its available. However that will require you to do an upgrade, which involves some work. I'd probably wait to buy a laptop with Windows 7 preinstalled, but wait until late fall or early spring when the hardware vendors start to release drivers specifically for Windows 7. Alternatively, Apple makes very good laptops.
  • I wouldn't buy any Windows platform that's new. Historically Microsoft uses paying customers to find bugs and glitches. Serving as guinea pigs, these customers sometimes get stuck with flawed OS's that cost them hundreds of dollars (i.e. Vista). A decent, newer laptop should have the capability to run Windows 7 but I would run XP till the first few service packs are issued and the consensus is in on 7 yo...
  • wait for windows 7 it will work any older window program going back to the beginning.
  • windows 7 is a great OS i think you can wait until windows 7 come's out, some laptopshops give's you a free upgrade to windows 7 if you buy your laptop now. almost al the computers sold today are capable of running windows 7 so that's not a problem. I think windows 7 is the the best OS ever made and another windows 2000/vista fail will not happen. benchmarks made clear that windows 7 is better than windows vista and at some points better than windows xp WITHOUT WINDOWS 7 DRIVERS so i think your question is answered now.
  • If I was you, I would try Kubuntu ( ). Try downloading Wubi which lets you use iy without affecting your Windows installation ( ).

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