• same way as every other girl,
  • Act macho put on wife beater shirt prentend to be tough guy get your education from FOX tv have money be shallowed & ignore her be abusive focus on brittney, jessica & other nonsense tell her she's thin even though she's a blimp drive fancy car with loud radio & tint pretend you actually listens to her take her to McDonald's & make her pay
  • You dont have to do anything! American girsl are EASY!!!
  • Keep your accent ;D
  • North or South?
  • fat wallet,just like anywhere else in the world:)
  • They love it when you sneak up behind them and do a reach-around. Nothing impresses a girl more than a complete stranger caressing their soft, tingly boobs from behind.  
  • Lick your eyebrow. +5
  • They love money. Lots of it. just shower them with money and you'll be fine.
  • every told u this and i will too. MONEY TALKS
  • Money. It works with girls all over the world.
  • Money or atleast 8 inches X 6 inches.
  • how
  • Be a jerk?
  • According to one magazine ; it said that American Women choose their guys by: 1) His JOB 2) His Bank Account 3) Type of Car / vehicle .. 4) Looks ... ... in THAT order .... for women 21 and older ... +5
    • mushroom
      It's really no different in nature: you have to sing the song, do the dance and show your fitness/resources. We just add alcohol.
    • Victorine
      Untrue. I know plenty of women who weren't at all concerned about a man's job or car or whatever, as long as he appeared to be reliable and trustworthy and otherwise to meet certain important criteria. My husband was a poor graduate student when I met him. He didn't even own a car. I was interested in him for his intelligence, his sense of humor, and other personal qualities. We've been married for 35 years.
  • Just be yourself:)
  • 1) Money, lots of money. 2) Shiny objects. 3) Anything that jingles. 4) Have extensive and up-to-date knowledge of pop culture, the latest 'American Idol' news, Hollywood gossip, cable TV shows and daytime syndicated talk shows. 5) Whatever you do, DO NOT talk about current events, world politics, compelling social issues, geography, history, law, technology or nutrition.
  • In America, they have a very specific courting ritual: Ride up to her on a bald eagle, the American flag fluttering behind you as you swoop in before reciting the american declaration of independence by heart. If the female reciprocates, in return she will make the traditional American mating call: Any form of Bon Jovi song. Be careful, however, because if she rejects your display she will try to shoot you with the handgun that is generally always kept in the American Female's purse. (Some of the females who are more higher up on the social ladder of an American pack will instead keep rifles strapped to her back, however.) For this reason, males who attempt to swoo the female American will always keep a stash of burgers handy before attempting to attract one. Often times, Americans will not give any warning before shooting, but they also often will give you warning signals--One common warning cry is threatening to sue you. If she does this instead of shooting you outright first, placate her with the burgers, preferably McDonald's.
  • maybe by asking them out, that would impress me since noone ever asks me out
    • we are dough 68
      Hey Pearl. Fancy going out Greyhound Racing, one day this week ? I'll buy you a pint of beer and a steak and kidney pie ?
  • A Mercedes, A Rolex, A
  • Don't be too obvious about your interest. Be friendly, be interesting (with hobbies, interests, things to talk about), and be well-groomed, but don't overdo it. If you are a foreigner, be advised that one mistake foreign men, especially from certain cultures, make is assuming that friendly politeness on a woman's part automatically means sexual/romantic interest, and the men get pushy; they won't leave a woman alone. You need to be friendly in return but keep your distance for a while. Get to know the woman, so you can get a clear sense of who she is and whether she's really interested in you.
  • Be interesting. Have something to add to a conversation and don't try to impress her. Also learn the difference between a girl and a young woman. Make sure they've at least reached puberty before trying to have a relationship. That goes for you, too! Until then study them and learn what they like.
  • American girls can't be impressed - I've been trying for more than 50 years.

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