• WELL- how girls like guys to dress depends on the girl. Dress the way you want to dress and not for the sake of some girl. The girls who like you for you won't care too much about the way you dress. Just be yourself. Just dress in good taste and make sure your clothes are clean:D hehe. And don't dress like a jock just to fit into that category. That's douche-baggery. In conclusion: BE YOURSELF! DRESS HOWEVER YOU WANT TO DRESS!
  • Just dress nice, and wear whatever you want. Jeans, a nice shirt...either polo, or a band shirt...who cares. The last thing you want is to just be steriotyped as a "jock" a jock with personality. Switch it up, and do what you you, and just play...
  • okay if your a jock your probubly kina ripped, no? I was in your position a few years ago. Wear really tight clothes to show off your muscle. It worked for me yo!
  • 2-20-2017 Fist find one girl and let her choose your wardrobe. That will do for all other women.

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