• I stopped talking to a relative in 1987. I got word that he died, Thank Gawd!, in 2008. He was total & complete SCUM, and I'm GLAD he's gone. +5
  • yeah, the ones who have no email id..... I haven't talked to them for long. One such is an old school matewhom I wish I could talk or send a message..... ah !!!!! and do you think sending e-mail is part of speaking... anyways with the mobiles being so popular in India in teh past few years I have renewed my contacts
  • This keeps happening to me and all the time I blame myself.
  • Not anyone that I was well aquainted with... I can not talk to my closest friends for years and we always reconnect.
  • No, I have friends that I don't see for long periods of time and then when I do it's like it was yesterday.
  • Yes, I have not spoken to two of my sisters for over a year and have no intention of doing so. I dislike being conned and then they decided they did not wish to pay back what they had borrowed and decided not to talk to me. They will need my help before i need theirs and for the first time i will not be at hand.
  • Yes,No,Maybe...:)+5
  • We hadn't spoken in 13 years... and I thought it would be awkward but when she rang my house out of the blue one day it really wasn't awkeard at all. That has happened with a couple of friends from my junior and secondary school too. Truth is, its rarely awkward in relaity and is always good to give it a go =)

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